The State Of Social Enterprise In Singapore

On the evening of Thursday 27 July 2017, the School of Human Development and Social Services (HDSS) and raiSE (Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise) organised a talk on 'Running a Social Enterprise in Singapore'.

The event was held in conjunction with the university's ongoing efforts in promoting greater awareness of Singapore's non-profit sector and its crucial role as part of civil society. This is also reflected in graduate programmes run by HDSS such as the Master of Non-Profit Management (MNPM) and the Master of Community Leadership and Social Development (MCLSD). 

The two speakers for that evening were Mr Jonathan Tan, Head of Strategy & Research and Special Projects at raiSE; and Mr Choo Jin Kiat, Executive Director of O'Joy Care Services. Mr Tan shared the latest findings in a recent study conducted by raiSE on the current state of Singapore's Social Enterprises, while Mr Choo shared his experiences and reflections on his years of experience in running a social enterprise.

Attendees at the informative talk and engaging question-and-answer session included students, faculty members and other members of the public.​

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