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Virtual Orientation for Public Safety and Security Freshmen on 13 July

The Public Safety & Security Interest Group (PSS IG) welcomed their new batch of freshmen with its first virtual Orientation programme – ‘PSS Genesis’ on 13 July 2021. The student-led initiative aims to onboard the undergraduates into the course through a series of dialogues where student’s queries are addressed in a safe environment. Through virtual PSS-centric games, they also got to know their peers. PSS Genesis welcomed 48 participating freshmen with a solid team comprising of 18 Organising and Committee members.



The dialogues showcased useful platforms that SUSS students utilise for academic and student affairs, such as Canvas, Outlook and the Student Portal.  This was followed by a casual yet honest Q&A session where seniors could share their insights through a fellow PSS student’s lens for the first time.

Through the post-event feedback, it was heartwarming to know that 96.1% of freshmen found the briefing useful, highlighting that it was “informative” and “in-depth”. Moreover, 96.2% agreed that the Q&A segment was helpful in clarifying their doubts and queries.

The highlight of the PSS-centric games was the Virtual Escape Room, created from scratch by one of the Committee members, Alicia Lai. Many of the freshmen thoroughly enjoyed it. They were absorbed in the storyline and amazed as it was ‘not-your-average’ icebreaker and games you would usually find, especially not in an online programme.

Overall, the event was a huge success, with commendations from the freshmen to the team, calling it “impressive” despite being the first batch to kick-off an exclusive PSS orientation. The Organising Team is pleased with the success of the event for accomplishing its initial objectives. The PSS IG is thus pleased to announce that future batches of PSS freshmen can look forward to an exciting and meaningful orientation programme on top of SUSS’ Freshmen Befrienders.



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