Challenge Examination

A challenge examination is designed to assess your academic proficiency in a subject area and is similar to a final examination in the subject.

The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) Challenge Examination (CEX) allows you to achieve credit recognition in a required subject area and thereby accrediting you for previous academic and/or experiential knowledge in a subject.

List of CEX Course

SUSS CEX is offered thrice a year, typically in the 3rd and 4th week of April, June and November. CEX is available for selected undergraduate and graduate courses. You must register and complete the CEX by the end of your fourth semester with SUSS. 

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Credit Recognition for CEX

A passed CEX course will be granted credit recognition (CN) on condition that the course is: (1) relevant to your programme of study and (2) subject to a maximum limit of the number of CEX courses available for the programme and the maximum CN allowed by the University. You cannot re-use a CEX course which you have been granted CN for a degree completed earlier.

Passed CEX courses which are awarded CN will be reflected in your academic transcript and academic profile in the Student Portal as CN. Failed and absence from CEX will not be shown in your academic transcript but will be reflected in your academic profile as 'CEX Courses Taken'.

Registration and Examination

CEX is available to students enrolling to the University from July 2014 intake onwards.

The registration periods for the April, June and November CEX are 1 January – 28 February, 1 April – 30 April and 1 August – 30 September, respectively.

You can register to take CEX courses at SUSS's CEX Portal (before the start of first semester) via SUSS's website (See 'Register for CEX') or Student e-services (after the start of first semester) by the stipulated deadlines.

You can only register CEX courses applicable to your programme of study. There is no limit to the number of courses that you can register as CEX per examination period provided there is no conflict in examination schedule.

A non-refundable CEX registration fee of S$160.00 / S$210.00 (excluding GST) is payable for each 5 / 10 credit unit of undergraduate course, respectively. For graduate courses, CEX registration fee of S$130.00 / S$260.00 (excluding GST) for each 2.5 / 5 credit unit course is payable.

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Absence from CEX

There is no refund of CEX registration fee paid for absence from CEX.

If you register to take CEX course(s) prior to the start of your first semester of study and are absent from CEX, you may re-register (with payment) to take the same or other CEX course(s) in the subsequent examination period.

If you register to take CEX course(s) and are absent from your final registered CEX semester, you will have to register to take these CEX course(s) as regular courses in subsequent semesters.

Support for CEX

Upon your CEX registration, you will be given a MyMail email account with Singapore University of Social Sciences. The University will only correspond with you via this MyMail account. For each of your registered CEX course, a study guide and examination question paper from the immediate past semester will be made available via CEX portal after your CEX registration. Please note that not all CEX courses will have a study guide available. You may refer to the list of CEX courses for the availability of the study guide. CEX can be conducted locally or overseas.

Examination Arrangements and Results

You will receive an email notification to view your CEX timetable, venue details and examination information booklet approximately 2 weeks before the start of the examination period. You can attempt CEX only once for each course.

If you fail CEX for a course which is part of the course requirement for your programme of study, you will have to register it as a regular course. You cannot take CEX for a course which you are currently registered or have previously passed or failed.

You will receive an email notification to view your CEX results (via CEX Portal) towards the end of May, July or December for the April, June and November examination, respectively. The result for CEX is a Pass (P) or Fail (F) or Absent (U).

There is no Grade Point Value for the Pass/Fail/Absent grade of a CEX course. There is no appeal against CEX results.

CEX Handbook and FAQs

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