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Launch Of Micro-learning Courses On SUSS UniLEARN

First Aid

You never know when an accident or sudden illness will occur and you might have a long wait for a paramedic or ambulance; the first few minutes are crucial to a patient's survival. Hence, it is important and never too late to learn some life-saving skills and feel confident to deal with any first aid situation should it arise.

In September 2020, SUSS launched its first micro-learning course on the UniLEARN platform with the Singapore Red Cross Academy (SRCA). The course on 'Basic First Aid' comprises 10 sessions, each covering common emergencies such as choking, bleeding, fractures, and burns. The interactive lessons take participants on a pathway of self-directed learning, complete with infographics, video demonstrations and quizzes. On completion of the online lessons, learners can attend the practical session at SRCA, to hone techniques such as bandaging, in the presence of a trainer.

Addressing the rationale behind the programme development, Mr Benjamin William, Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Red Cross, said: "The Singapore Red Cross Academy is constantly exploring ways to revitalise first aid learning and make it engaging for learners. The uniqueness of the micro-learning programme lies in its interactiveness – with first aid knowledge broken down into bite-sized snippets delivered via an online platform, complemented by a short practical session for learners to practise useful skills. Combining SRCA's decades of experience in first aid training and SUSS's expertise in course creation, we hope this micro-learning programme will lead the way in online first aid learning and fuel further innovations in the area."

Associate Professor Lee Wee Leong, Director, Online Learning, SUSS, said: "We are happy to launch our first micro-learning course on the UniLEARN platform with SRCA. SUSS UniLEARN works with partners to co-develop and offer online courses with an emphasis on social concerns, so as to impact lives in the community. We are honoured to use our expertise in e-learning and pedagogy to present first-aid training in this new bite-size interactive format."

Following the success of the SRCA course, a second micro-learning course 'Introduction To The Singapore Deaf Community And Language', co-developed with The Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADEAF) was launched in February this year. With a total of seven sessions, the course provides learners with a basic introduction to the deaf community, communication etiquette and some basic Singapore Sign Language. Learners have the option to enrol in a more practical and in-depth sign language session with SADEAF on completing the micro-learning course.

The 'Basic First Aid (Enhanced version with CPR + AED)' and the 'Introduction to the Singapore Deaf Community and Language' courses are available for public sign-up.

basic first aid

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