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Youths In The Digital Space

online learning

Today, the use of technology comes naturally to youths who grew up surrounded by wireless technology and interactive devices. Many of them use online social media platforms to communicate and strengthen relationships with family and friends, and get the latest news, different viewpoints, and information on what interests them. There are questions surrounding the impact and influence of technology on today’s youth given the unique challenges and benefits of them growing up in the digital age. Have such experiences lead to a change in personal values, perceptions and longer-term plans with this younger generation? To better understand the changing pattern of behaviour of youths, Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited and SUSS came together on 16 December 2020 agreeing to work jointly on a research on youth's digital behaviour.

joint research with GE

(From left) Mr Tony Lai, Principal Design, Centre for Design, Insights & Innovation, Great Eastern; Mr Nicholas Lee, Head Group Customer Experience & Innovation, Great Eastern; Mr Leslie Teo, Managing Director for Data and Strategic Transformation, Great Eastern; Professor Tsui Kai Chong, SUSS Provost; and Associate Professor Randolph Tan, Director, SUSS Centre for Applied Research.

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