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Singapore University of Social Sciences

Our Academic Institution Partners

Chongqing University of Education (CQUE)

Chongqing University of Education (CQUE) is a public university that was established 64 years ago. Following the motto “Persisting to reach perfection”, CQUE is driven to realize the spirit of responsibility, independence, innovation, and honesty. CQUE curriculum development promotes the blending of both normal and non-normal subjects and focuses on a scientific combination of production, education and research. CQUE aims to become a unique normal institution that focuses on practice and applications that are prestigious in Chongqing, influential in the western region and distinctive across the nation.

CQUE highly values scientific research and technological development, with a focus to transform scientific researches to practices and applications. It has been performing numerous roles as the ‘Chongqing Humanistic and Social Science Research Centre’, ‘Functional Food Development Centre and Laboratory’, ‘Laboratory of Big Data for Childhood Study’, post-doctoral research stations and some other city-level research platforms. Over the years, the university has been cooperating with various universities and institutions worldwide (25 universities from USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan).

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