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Singapore University of Social Sciences

Our Industry Partners

CloudBae Company

Cloudbae Company, initiated in March 2017, is dedicated to the development and operation of new Smart Cities. CloudBae focuses on Smart City collaborations among Chinese and ASEAN cities and delivers the building, operating and upgrading the way of smart city collaborations with the local government.

“I-Nanning APP” is the first product launched by CloudBae company in Jan 2018. It is a Municipal Public Service Platform connected with 47 government departments and offers more than 100 services.

By Jan 2021, Cloudbae has already accumulated 6 million registered users, out of which more than 600,000 are daily active users. Some highlights of the application are the E-Identification, Once Code Smart Pass, and Real Estate E-Service.

On 5 March 2021, Cloudbae and SUSS signed an Memorandum of Understanding to support and promote China-ASEAN student exchange in entrepreneurship.

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