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Our Industry Partners

Hong Kong Logistics Association

The Hong Kong Logistics Association (HKLA) is the first local professional logistics association in Hong Kong. HKLA was established as non-Government organization (NGO) in 1996 by a group of volunteers with professional and higher education background to nurture the knowledge and best practices of the industry. HKLA provides a platform for all interest parties to interact. The Association is widely recognised by the logistics industry and Hong Kong SAR Government as a pioneer in promoting logistics and supply chain management. Its membership covers a range of practices including third party logistics services providers, trading firms, manufacturers, and scholars involved in activities such as warehousing, freight transportation and forwarding, procurement, materials management and IT solution services.

On 28 June 2015, SUSS sealed an agreement with HKLA, committing to collaborate in an international logistics problem solving training program. The partnership was further recognised by the signing of an affirmation on 14 September 2018.

The current programme provides opportunities for students from SUSS' Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree and university students in other countries to take part once a year in an intensive workshop/competition. This programme aims to provide students a mix of leadership and communication skills, stress management and technical know-how.

In 2019, the 10th International Logistics Case Workshop and Competition was held in Seoul, Korea.

Resulting Collaborations

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