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Singapore University of Social Sciences

Our Industry Partners

Looker Education Group

Looker Education Group (Looker ®) was established in Shanghai with a strong mission of introducing high-class international education resources to China and focus on international education programs since 2006.

With its strong network among universities and industries in China as well as its wide partnership with top universities around the globe, Looker ® has been rated as one of leading educational organizations on short programs in China.

Up to 2020, Looker ® has developed 25 overseas universities partners in Geneva, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Looker ® works closely with over 150 partner universities in China and provides international programs to their students.

Looker ® also provides custom training programs to local government as well as corporate clients. Looker ® has successfully organised 610 international programs and sent 20700 students to its partner universities around the globe.

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