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Career Articulation Series

CAS Series

The Career Articulation Series (CAS) of workshops are specially designed to empower learners with competencies and insights to navigate the complexities of the workplace, and work life.

The workshops under CAS include:

  • CAS LAUNCH! Series of workshops that include #RESILIENCE, #ARTICULATE, #PRESENCE and #RECTITUDE span over 4 days and these usually take place at the end of Semester 2 of each Academic Year. These workshops provide learners with hands-on learning experiences on critical competencies that will make a difference for you as you navigate the workplace and work life.
  • CAS Pit-Stops are 3-hour workshops that are designed to provide learners with hands-on learning experiences relating to essential life skills that will support you in your next chapter of your career journey upon graduation.

CAS workshops will be curated during the academic year, based on feedback from learners and employers, such that learners from SUSS will be equipped with relevant and meaningful skillsets and mindsets.

    There will be an upcoming SSC Learning Prospectus for students to refer to the workshop schedule.


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