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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some quick answers to some of the more frequent questions we receive in our inbox on student life, leadership development opportunities at SUSS, and other non-academic student-related matters. Ask us anything about our programmes by reaching out to us at

Information last updated and accurate as of 8 March 2024.

Student life-related

The Orientation is not compulsory. However, students are strongly encouraged to attend as it is a good opportunity to not only learn more about your programme and academic requirements, but also to meet your fellow peers and professors.

If you are not able to attend Orientation, do keep yourself updated with the latest happenings through your SUSS MyMail, Student Portal and Student Life telegram

Students may be involved in SUSS Interest Groups (IGs) or Competition Groups (CGs).

IGs provide students with the opportunities to experience a vibrant student life and develop a stronger sense of belong. Students will get to meet like-minded peers and hone common interests that lead to purposeful learning, growth, and element. Click here to see the full listing of SUSS IGs and how to join them.

CGs provide students with opportunities to participate in varsity, national and international competitions to enhance their college experience. Click here for the full listing of SUSS CGs and how to join them.

Students may also initiate and lead campus projects to promote campus life within the SUSS community. Funding support is available for eligible projects. Click here for more information.

Please visit this site to find out more on the IG guidelines and how you can go about setting up an IG in SUSS. 

After you have submitted the application form to Student Life, a mentor will be assigned to guide you (and your team) along on how to improve on the proposal and start the IG.

If you have any further enquiries, please reach out and we will direct you to the relevant staff in charge.

If you belong to Student Life (STL) endorsed student group, please check with your staff mentor on the process of making a booking request for seminar rooms. 

Do take note of the following:

  • Please submit booking requests are submitted at least 4 working days in advance, any last-minute bookings will not be entertained.
  • No bookings are allowed on public holidays or SUSS Shutdown Days.
  • Allocation of seminar rooms is subjected to availability. 

If you are from Student Life (STL) endorsed student groups, please approach your staff mentor for advice on pre and post publicity efforts.


E-Portfolio has been handed over to the Experiential Learning (EL) team under the College of Interdisciplinary and Experiential Learning.

Please reach out to the EL team at to have your queries on E-Portfolio answered.

Please contact the respective Offices if you need to check if you have fulfilled the following experiential graduation requirement:

If you have already submitted the necessary documents but your experiential graduation requirement status and grade have not been updated, appreciate your patience as this might mean that:

  • Your submission might be in the process of being reviewed/assessed
  • Updates are typically done in batches each semester

The updated completion status and grade will typically be reflected on your Student Academic Profile nearer to the end of your graduation semester (i.e. first week of June for the January semester/the first week of December for the July semester).

Students will receive an email notification if they have met their 200cu academic requirement. Students may proceed to file for graduation via the Student Portal upon receiving the 'Filing for Graduation' email notice. 

If your query concerns any of the following (list below is non-exhaustive), please reach out to Student Services at instead unless otherwise stated.

CategoriesExample of Related Matters
  • issues faced during the electronic course registration (eCR) or course confirmation (cCR) period
  • payment of tuition fees
  • course/programme change, withdrawal or transfer
  • financial aid application process/status/outcome -
  • academic advice on graduation requirement or study plan - please contact your respective Head of Programme
  • deadline extension for course assignments - please email your course instructor/lecturer
  • absence from class due to valid reason - please email your course instructor/lecturer

You may also check out the other FAQs here.

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