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Active Citizenship

The Office of Student Life provides various opportunities to promote active citizenship among SUSS students. Through these platforms, students will be able to deepen their appreciation and perspectives on the following:

  • Singapore's heritage and the factors influencing the preservation of national heritage;
  • Social diversity issues and inclusivity;
  • Constructive ways to exercise social responsibility, both as a local and global citizen.

3E Framework

Our Active Citizenship programmes are guided by the 3Es Framework: Encourage, Equip & Empower. We aim to:

  • Encourage student voice and participation in programmes that promote active citizenship (locally and globally) especially in the domains of heritage, culture, social diversity and inclusivity
  • Equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be an effective change agent
  • Empower students to spearhead active citizenship initiatives for SUSS community and beyond

SUSS CatalySt

SUSS CatalySt is a group of student leaders who work closely with the Office of Student Life to promote active citizenship through cultivating a greater appreciation of national heritage and raising awareness on current and social issues to the SUSS community. This is achieved through conducting experiential programmes such as heritage trails and student-led discussion sessions.

The programmes designed by the CatalySt are guided by GPS:
  • Galvanise: to encourage fellow students to take action to create positive change on issues that are important to them
  • Personalise: to help peers appreciate an issue from the point of view of others, thus enable them to make an impact where it truly counts
  • Synergise: to bring people together and leverage on one another’s strengths and assets to amplify their desired positive outcomes

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 Heritage Trails

Participants of “Our Heritage, Our Roots” amazing race event learning about Singapore’s heritage

IUSLF 2021

SUSS CatalySt with other participants at the Inter-University Student Leader Forum 2021 organised by SUSS


Group photo with the speakers for an online panel discussion on the topic of gender-based violence

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