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Outdoor Education Programmes

The Outdoor Education Programmes challenge is an out-of-academic classroom learning platform. It gives participants the opportunity to seek personal growth in areas such as resilience, teamwork and leadership as they journey through an immersive experience learning about what the place can offer e.g. cultural, environmental, geography or history.  

The pedagogic principles include:

  • hands-on, inquiry-based approach that uses experiential learning cycle approach.
  • tapping on a collective of educators, instructors, and stakeholders to function together and bring about a community as the classroom.
  • the local to global context where the group goes about solutioning through the lens of ecological, cultural and economy sensitivities.

Outdoor Adventure Interest Group (ODA IG) organises activities on a regular basis to hone participants' personal management skills in the outdoors.

Their monthly activity calendar can be accessed after joining their group telegram chat. Like-minded students get to explore the nature through trekking, cycling, kayaking and rock climbing.

Members will be able to access the out-of-classroom activities at subsidised rates.  Please contact the student leaders at”

Student Life (STL) curates Outdoor Education programmes which pertains the VUCA world. Such programmes, which may be credit or non-credit bearing, are designed to deepen students’ understanding of the environment and its significance in contemporary times. Being in the intended environment not only heightens the sensual experience but also results in creating authentic learning for the participants. These programmes aim to help students to develop skills in cognition-based reflection, knowledge construction, evaluation of beliefs and real-life problem-solving.

Join Student Life Telegram Channel to be kept informed when such programmes are published.

For students who are looking for the opportunity to take the lead in creating an impact, the Outdoor Education platform can allow you to put your belief into practice. From environmental issues, inclusivity causes, to what you see as a solution for future issues, you can champion a group under the Outdoor Education framework to serve your chosen community, under the guidance of a mentor.

Students who are willing to challenge themselves for the greater good of others will be guided on available resources, relevant skills development workshops as they strive towards contributing towards a purposeful cause and their community. Email to Student Life and indicate Outdoor Education as the subject header if you are keen to find out more.

The outdoor classroom is a paradox, limitless for instructional purposes but challenging in establishing safe yet effective boundaries for learning. For information on leadership awards that celebrate student leaders who advocate service to the community through their outdoor skills and knowledge, check out the OBS Leadership and Service Award here.

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