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Personal Development Experience

The Personal Development Experience is an experiential graduation requirement for all SUSS full-time students comprising of 2 components - (1) the Experiential Teambuilding (ETB) module and (2) the Student SUcceSS Centre Learning Prospectus^.

All students must complete this programme in their first academic year. 

Objectives and Approach

    ETB ModuleSSC Learning Prospectus
    • To provide students with an experiential platform to kick-start the university journey through a common experience
    • To develop foundational aptitudes in self-awareness, team effectiveness, and the University's values
    • To help students develop competencies in the domains of ‘Unique Individual’ and ‘Care for Self and Others’

    ^More information on the SSC Learning Prospectus will be shared during the ETB programme.


    Information on Experiential Teambuilding Module

    Students are strongly encouraged to attend the virtual briefing on either 28 May (Tues) or 20 June (Thu), 7:30pm to 9pm, to find out more about the programme. Register for the programme briefing here.

    A total of 3 runs will be offered to cohort 2024 students. Please find the 3 run dates in the table below:

    Course Dates*Health Declaration & Course Registration PeriodDeadline for Medical Clearance**
    (**only applicable to students who have declared medical conditions)*
    Post-Course Assessment Period
    Run 1:
    15 to 17 July 2024
    3 June, 12pm to 28 June, 12pm10 July, 12pmTBC
    Run 2:
    18 to 20 July 2024
    15 July, 12pmTBC
    Run 3:
    23 to 25 July 2024
    18 July, 12pmTBC
    *The duration of each course is 3 days + 1-day post course assessment. Students must be available throughout the entire course date duration. More details on post-course assessment will be shared during the course.


    How to Register

    • The ETB Module registration process will be conducted in 2 phases:
      Phase 1: Health Declaration & Course Selection
      • Duration:
        3 June, 12pm to 28 June, 12pm
      • Students are required to declare health conditions
      • After which, students can proceed to select their preferred run on a first-come-first-serve basis
      • Students are allowed to register for only ONE (1) run
      Phase 2: Medical Clearance 
      • Duration:
        [for Run 1] 3 June, 12pm to 10 July, 12pm
        [for Run 2] 3 June, 12pm to 15 July, 12pm
        [for Run 3] 3 June, 12pm to 18 July, 12pm
      • Students with declared health conditions are required to seek appropriate medical clearance, which may involve visiting a doctor, before attending ETB programme
      • Students are strongly encouraged to declare their health conditions at the earliest, as they are not able to attend their selected ETB runs until health declarations are submitted and cleared by SUSS Student Life (STL)

    • Students will receive the link to access the ETB module registration portal via email.
    • More details regarding the registration process will be published here nearer to date.

    Please read the FAQ document (TBC) for answers to most common questions about the Experiential Teambuilding Programme. We regularly update the FAQ document. If your question is not in the FAQ list, please send your query to SUSS Student Life at

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