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Experiential Learning



The SUSS ePortfolio is a University graduation requirement that trains every Full-Time SUSS student to take on a holistic learning lens as they engage in self-directed learning. By showcasing a thoughtful selection of reflections, work samples and artefacts, students can demonstrate the synthesis of their learning, critical thinking and growth. Even beyond their time in SUSS, students can proudly showcase and develop theiridentity as a learner, citizen or emerging professional through this lifelong learning journey.

The intent of ePortfolio is meant to be a formative and summative collection of all learnings and students are strongly encouraged to embark on it from the time they begin their journey with SUSS.

All student's ePortfolio will only be assessed on their final semester of their studies, hence submissions must be put up 6 months prior to the semester students will be filing for graduation in.

All submissions must be in accordance to the assessment rubrics. For students filing for graduation from January 2024 semester onwards:

  • A new assessment rubric will be in place for students filing for graduation from 2024 onwards.  Students affected are strongly recommended to watch the video to be informed of the changes from the old to the new rubrics and a training workshop to equip you with the skills to prepare your ePortfolio.

Please access the links below to view the ePortfolio materials.  

  1. ePortfolio rubrics (New)
  2. ePortfolio Information Sheet
  3. ePortfolio info slides
  4. Training videos (log in with "suss\your usernameand your SUSS password) 
  5. SUSS Values, Skills & Knowledge list

Note that you are required to log in with your SUSS email to access these materials.


For clarifications, please email

Disclaimer: Please note that contents are accurate as of April 2024, but may be subjected to changes without prior notice.



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