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Local Work Attachment (WA) / Internships


WA Application Process

WA Application Process (UPDATED)


WA Sourced via Kinobi@SUSS

WA Sourced via KINOBI@SUSS

Students may apply for their work attachment via Kinobi@SUSS. The most suitable applicant will then be shortlisted by the Host Organization (HO), which will offer them a position via Kinobi@SUSS.

Selected students can then decide whether to accept / decline the offer made by the HO. Upon accepting an offer, students are required to upload signed contract and complete all the WA assessment.


Self-sourced Work Attachment

Self sourced WA (updated)

For students who choose to self-source their WA, please submit the job description (JD) of the selected WA to Kinobi@SUSS for the Career Mentor to review and approve. Students are to ensure that the JD fulfils the Learning Objectives of their major.

Students may only accept the self-sourced WA offer upon approval.



Leaves (updated)

Students must inform the HO at the time of the interview or just before the signing of the offer (if no interview is conducted) of any planned Leave of Absence (LOA), e.g., study leave, examination leave, In-Camp Training (ICT).

Leave approval is at the absolute discretion of the HO. Students are required to inform the HO if they fall ill and need to see a doctor. If medical leave has been granted, they should produce the Medical Certificate (MC) when they return to work.

A scanned copy of the MC, endorsed by the WA Supervisor, must be emailed to within one week of the end of the medical leave. No-pay Leave will not be considered part of the minimum 24-week WA.




SUSS's existing insurance scheme covers students locally (refer to Student Insurance Scheme). The HO may provide further coverage for the student, particularly in situations with heightened risk or danger.

Students embarking on an Overseas WA or are required by HO of their Local WA to go on a business trip or are being seconded overseas for a period of their WA, are required to purchase travel insurance from a SUSS-appointed broker.

SUSS partners with International SOS (ISOS) to provide, among other things, emergency medical and repatriation services for SUSS students who are on overseas study missions or programmes. Hence students are required to purchase travel insurance from a SUSS-appointed broker.

Students may refer here for more information.

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