Career Development Programme


Here are some skills students need to have for their career development:

  • To get a work attachment or job position, you will need to prepare your personal profile; understand your career interests, industry sectors and companies; and know-how to conduct yourself in job interviews at these companies.
  • During work attachments as a student and at work in the future, you will need to attend meetings, perform analyses, write reports, and create presentations.

The Career Development Office provides scheduled consultation and workshops to help students develop the skills, attitudes and perspectives to understand their career interests, prepare resumes, search and network for career opportunities, as well as secure and perform well at interviews.

Subsequently, as students complete their work-related projects and experiences, the evidence artefacts such as images, audio-visuals, analysis reports and achievement records may be organised into their e-Portfolio. This may be used for personal reflection, as well as to serve as lifelong documentary evidence showcasing their achievements to potential employers or business partners.

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Career Development Workshops


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