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It is an integral part of students' global learning education to participate in at least one overseas programme to participate in overseas programs. As a student at SUSS, you will gain a valuable understanding of health and safety as well as how to mitigate travel risks.

SUSS maintains a membership with International SOS (ISOS) an international emergency medical assistance and security services provider, to manage the health and security risks while our students are overseas. SUSS has access to ISOS’s worldwide network of logistics coordinators, medical facilities and security professionals. The ISOS App should be downloaded before travelling to ensure easy tracking and access to its services while on the go. 

In times of crisis, students can contact ISOS for assistance when they need travel advice or encounter emergencies abroad. The membership e-guide can be accessed 24/7 to help students understand all the services available under the membership with examples of the benefits. 

SUSS maintains a university wide travel policy that all matriculated students (Part-time and Full-time), travelling overseas for activities or purposes approved, endorsed, organised, sponsored or authorised by SUSS will be covered by the SUSS Student Travel Insurance.

To make our programmes more accessible and inclusive, the following Funding and Grants are available for students to apply.  

1) Overseas Experience Grant
The SUSS Overseas Experience Grant (OE Grant) is open to needy full-time undergraduates who have applied to undertake one of the approved overseas experience programmes. More information on SUSS OE Grant can be found here. 

2) Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

Students may submit an ad-hoc application to use their own or their sibling’s PSEA funds on reimbursement basis to cover programme-related expenses. Application for PSEA withdrawal should be submitted after the end-date of the programme. 

Note: The Office of Global Programmes (OGP) only handles the one-time ad-hoc withdrawal of PSEA funds to pay for enrichment programme fees that are approved and endorsed by OGP. 

(A) For ad-hoc withdrawal from your personal PSEA account, please use this link to access the form for submission of the PSEA withdrawal application. 

  • For "Name of Institution or Training Provider", kindly select: SUSS - CIEL
  • For "Usage Category", kindly select: EPC-OTRIP

After you have submitted the online form, a copy of your submission will be automatically routed to OGP.

Please follow up by sending all required supporting documents listed in the table below to

(B) For ad-hoc withdrawal from your sibling’s PSEA account, please use this link to access the form for submission of the sibling’s PSEA withdrawal form. Please follow up by sending all required supporting documents listed in the table below to

The application outcome is subject to MOE’s approval. It takes about 4 months from the date of PSEA application submission until the disbursement of the claim amount to your bank account. 
Students are not allowed to apply for more than one financial assistance for the same programme. If you have any questions, you may write to the Office of Global Programmes at


1) Can Year 1 students apply to Global Learning (GL) programmes? 
Yes, Year 1 students are welcome to apply. 

2) Can I apply to an OE while on Work Attachment (WA)? 
You may apply for OEs that do not conflict with your WA schedule. 

3) Can I apply for more than 1 GL programme? 
Yes, you can apply for more than 1 GL programme.  

4) How can Cohort 2023 onwards, fulfil the Global Learning requirement? 
All students from Cohort 2023 onwards will fulfil the Global Learning requirement through NIE351 as a Core Compulsory course. However, you can choose to further connect global perspectives with school-based global learning courses, enhance your global learning experience through various Exchange Programmes (Overseas Summer/Winter programme or Semester Exchange programme with our partner universities) or embark on overseas Work Attachments, all to give you a holistic and interdisciplinary global learning experience. 

5) What does a NIE351 course consist of? 
NIE351 consists of 3 pre trip seminars, 8-14 days long study trip and 1 post trip seminar. 

6) What countries are generally featured in NIE351 courses? 
In alignment with MOE's "70-70" initiative, our focus is on ASEAN, Greater China region & India to enhance students' overseas exposure and strengthen their understanding and appreciation for our region.
7) Are credits units given for NIE351 course? 
Students will receive 5 CUs under SUSS Core Compulsory, SUSS Core Electives or Unrestricted Elective upon receiving a Pass grade of the programme (including pre-trip and post-trip seminars) and all compulsory assessments. 

8) When can I sign up for NIE351? 
Recruitment and e-course registration takes place at only 2 periods in a year - March to April and September to October. Given the time constraints and course fee subsidy restrictions, SUSS students are advised to sign up for NIE351 no later than Year 3 semester 2 of their degree programme. 
Once students are successfully offered the NIE351 course, they are not permitted to withdraw from the course. Travel fee deposits (if required by the travel agency) are also not refundable.

9) Can I apply for OSS/OWS courses that are not mentioned in the approved list but are relevant to my major?
Students are allowed to take courses from the pre-approved list only. Not all courses offered by overseas universities will be included. Only courses with exposure and application of topics to regional/global context will be offered. Any request for credit recognition approval for courses not on this list will not be accepted.  

10) Can I take more than one OSS/OWS course? 
You may apply for more than one course from the same host university. The maximum number of courses you are allowed to take for each host university will be indicated on the respective university’s website. Do check your academic profile for your outstanding number of CUs of UE that are available. 

11) I am graduating this semester. Can I sign up for OSS/OWS?
OSS/OWS is open to currently matriculated students. If you have already graduated before the commencement of the OSS/OWS programme, SUSS will not endorse your participation in the programme. 

12) The OSS/OWS courses in the pre-approved list are approved for credit recognition to Unrestricted Electives. Can the course be recognised for credit transfer to General Electives as well?
Yes, the courses can be recognised for Unrestricted Electives (UE) and/or General Electives (GE). Do check your academic profile for the number of CUs of UE or GE available. 



For more information about the courses or programmes offered under the Office of Global Programmes, drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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