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Information for Part-time Students

Want to learn about Community Engagement (CE) to make your SUSS journey more meaningful?

In recognition of your varied experiences, interests, and priorities, we have curated various entry points for you to be actively and meaningfully engaged with communities.

Part-time students may take credit-bearing Community Engaged Courses (CEC) as electives. Find out more about here.

To embark on your Community Engagement journey with a firm footing, register your interest for our Canvas module CE102 Foundations of Community Engagement* here!

Through the module, you will learn the theoretical underpinnings of Community Engagement (CE), be updated on various CE opportunities, and get more information about the necessary submissions to obtain certificates.

ProfileInterestOpportunities Available
Interested VolunteerAd-hoc Volunteering OpportunitiesAs publicised in CE102
Seasoned VolunteerSustained initiatives through any CE PathwayCredit-bearing Community Engaged Courses for selection during Online Course Registration
CE opportunities publicised in CE102
Recruiting students for an existing projectConnect with Office of Service-Learning at
Community Enabler
(Students who work for non-profits/ social enterprises/ are active contributors to the social sector)
    Host SUSS students for CE collaborations via CE initiatives or internships at your organisation
    Share your experience, insights and knowledge of the social sector
    Connect with Office of Service-Learning at


    *CE102 is a highly recommended, non-examinable online module that can be done at your own pace (to begin your Community Engagement); available throughout the course of your study in SUSS.

    Hear From Our Students

    Lionel Tan
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