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Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund (AIC)

Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund seeks to build a healthier nation, enhance the quality of life of patients, and improve the affordability and accessibility of healthcare services for the needy and disadvantaged. It is jointly administered by the Ministry of Health, AIC and the Health Promotion Board. 

To tap on the funding, please click here.
National Youth Council

Provides different types of funding for youths and youth sector organisations. 

National Youth Fund: To tap on the funding, please click here.

Young Changemakers (YCM) Grant: To tap on the funding, please click here.
Our Singapore Fund

Provides co-funding for projects (up to $20,000) for projects that bring communities together and/or promote Singapore's national identity and shared values. This umbrella fund is made up of supporting funds from the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), Tote Board (Singapore Totalisator Board) and the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE). 

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National Heritage Board Minor Project GrantSupports initiatives that promote and foster a deeper sense of Singaporeans’ appreciation of heritage, with in-depth engagement with the community. 

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Lively Places FundSupports community-driven place-making projects that help develop stronger place identity and sense of community among residents and stakeholders. 

To tap on the funding, please click here.
Digital for Life Fund (IMDA)

Provides funding support to non-profit organisations which aim to promote digital inclusion (building digital resilience and helping Singaporeans to appreciate and use digital technologies to enrich their lives) and/or digital wellness (promoting good digital habits in the areas of cybersecurity, media literacy and mitigating the risks of online harms). 

To tap on the funding, please click here.
SG Eco-Fund

Provides co-funding for community-driven projects that aim to advance environmental sustainability in Singapore. The fund will cover projects across a broad range of areas related to sustainability, including climate change mitigation, waste reduction, as well as the conservation of nature and biodiversity. 

To tap on the funding, please click here.
Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP) Seed Funding

Provides an in-principle funding of up to $1,500 to initiate projects such as conducting live talks, social media challenges, virtual live performance and more (up to team’s creativity) to raise awareness, funds or recruit marrow donors. 

To find out more about the funding, please click here or contact BMDP via email at

Health Ambassador Grant (HPB)Provides a funding quantum of up to $4,000 for individuals (Health Ambassadors) interested in initiating sustainable fitness interest groups in the community.

To tap on the funding, please click here.
Kidney We Care Movement FundKidney We Care Movement Fund Provides funding for initiatives that raise awareness about kidney failure or help improve the kidney failure patients and caregivers’ quality of life.

To tap on the funding, please click here.
Northwest WeCare Fund

North West WeCare Fund supports ground-up projects driven by volunteers from Institute of Higher Learning to build a caring community. Besides providing funding, the CDC will also extend project management expertise and advice, aggregate community resources and connect relevant partners together to support and build on these initiatives.  

To apply for the funding, project/ programme should have the following elements: 

  • Community Impact: meets the needs or improves the lives of the local community by adopting local causes
  • Sustainable: go beyond one-off/ ad hoc activities
  • Multiplier Effect: partnering corporates, Grassroots Organisations (GROs), schools, Social Service Agencies (SSAs) or the community 

To tap on the funding, a formal application has to be submitted to the SUSS Office of Service-Learning for endorsement at least 8 weeks before the proposed start date. 

Please click hereto download a copy of the North West WeCare Fund Application form.

    Oscar SG Fund

    Launched by Temasek Trust, the fund supports ground up initiatives responding to urgent community needs in Singapore arising from or exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and which are aligned with the OSCAR values (ownership, sustainability, care, assurance, resilience). 

    To tap on the funding, please click here.

    BinjaiTree SL Fund

    The BinjaiTree Service-Learning/Community Engagement Fund seeks to empower and inspire SUSS students to continue to create sustainable endeavours for the community. The BinjaiTree S-L/CE Fund Committee represents the student body to collectively raise and disburse funds for SUSS students' community efforts. Supported by BinjaiTree Foundation, the grant enables individual student groups to concentrate their efforts on delivering quality community projects, reducing the diversion of precious resources to individual group fundraising.

    To find out more about the funding, please click here.

    Criteria for Application 
    Must be community projects that demonstrate strong service-learning elements aligned with SUSS's service-learning objectives. In addition, the project team should fulfil the following criteria:

    • The project leader must be an existing SUSS full-time student.
    • The funded project should be undertaken in collaboration with community organisation(s).
    • The team must specify how they intend to design, devise, develop and deliver their projects and their desired outcomes based on their research and needs analysis with the identified community organisation.

    Up to $5,000 or 100% of the total costs of the project or whichever is lower. 

    Application Submission

    1. BinjaiTree S-L Fund Application Form
    2. BinjaiTree Project Budget Form
    3. Other supporting documents as required

    Post-Project Submission

    1. Post Project Report Template
    2. Post SOA Template

    For enquiries and clarification, please contact


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