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Service-Learning FAQ for Cohort 2023 Onwards

At SUSS, Service-Learning is conceived as an integral part of the University's learning ecology and a pedagogy to empower you to further develop and act on your sense of social responsibility, grounded in real-world ideas and practices to contribute meaningfully to society.

Service-Learning is an educational experience under which students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully-organised service experiences that meet actual community needs and that are coordinated in collaboration with the university and community. It creates a connection between the university and the community that facilitates unique cross-sector collaboration and shared resources that help to enhance society’s well-being. Through Service-Learning, you invite community partners to become your co-educators to guide you in your journey of growth to become leaders in society.

NIE301 Learning with Communities

NIE301 Learning with Communities is a course from the Engagement branch of the SUSS Core Curriculum. For July 2023 intake onwards, students with NIE301 in their individual programme curriculum are:

  • All full-time undergraduate students
  • Part-time undergraduate students with honours from S R Nathan School of Human Development (NSHD)

More details of the individual programme curriculum is found here.


For students who do not have NIE301 in their individual programme curriculum, they may choose to take it as a general/unrestricted elective.

Through the SUSS Core module, NIE301 Learning with Communities, you will be facilitated through the process of co-constructing and experiencing a community change process.

You will first learn how to engage with relevant community partners and understand the opportunities and context on the ground. Leveraging on your strengths, skills and/or professional major, you will propose, implement, and co-evaluate a Service-Learning endeavour in collaboration with diverse stakeholders that addresses the tutorial group’s enduring question.

Details on NIE301 can be found here.

We encourage students to take NIE301 as soon as it is available to you, as early as Year 1 Semester 2 and preferably by Year 3 Semester 2.

SUSS Service-Learning has curated a range of scholarships and grants from government agencies, corporations and foundations to minimise any financial barriers while serving the community. You can access this link to find out more information about funding application.

For room reservation, you should email your SUSS Staff Advisor at least 4 working days in advance with the following details:

  1. Name of event
  2. Nature of event (only S-L related activities will be approved)
  3. Date & Time of event
  4. No of attendees (any public guests?)
  5. Arrangement of room (please provide a floor plan if you have specific room arrangement)
  6. Any logistics required

You may contact SUSS Service-Learning at

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