Vikki Bo

Dr Vikki Bo Wenjin

Senior Lecturer

Core Learning

Tel: +65 6248 2005

Email: dmlra2lib3dqQHN1c3MuZWR1LnNn

Educational Qualifications

  • 2016

    Ph.D. (Education), University of Hong Kong, HK

  • 2012

    M.Phil. (Second Language Education), University of Cambridge, UK

  • 2011

    B.A. (English Language), Guangxi University, China

Academic and Professional Experience

  • 2016 - 2017

    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Curriculum Teaching and Learning, National Institute of Education, Singapore

  • 2012 - 2013

    Lecturer, New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc., China

Journal Papers and Book Chapters:

Bo, W. V., Lim, L., & Lin, Y. (2022). An investigation of multilingual domestic university student perceptions of English for academic purposes. Behavioral Sciences, 12(9), 328.

Bo, W.V., Fu, M. & Lim, W.Y. (2022) Revisiting English language proficiency: impact on the academic performance of domestic university students in Singapore. Language Testing. doi: 10.1177/02655322211064629

Lim, L., & Bo, W.V. (2021) Evaluating the efficacy of English proficiency on initial semestral results for higher education L1 English speakers in a multilingual context. Higher Education Evaluation and Development. 15:2. doi:

Bo, W.V., & Fu, M. (2018) How Is Learning Motivation Shaped Under Different Contexts: An Ethnographic Study in the Changes of Adult Learner’s Motivational Beliefs and Behaviors Within a Foreign Language Course. Frontiers in Psychology. 9:1603. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2018.01603

Bo, W.V., Fulmer, G.W., Lee, C.KE. & Chen, V.D-T. (2018) How Do Secondary Science Teachers Perceive the Use of Interactive Simulations? The Affordance in Singapore Context. Journal of Science Education and Technology. 27:550. doi: 10.1007/s10956-018-9744-2

Fu, M., Bo, W.V., Xue, Y., & Yuan, T-F. (2017) Parental Absence Accompanies Worse Academic Achievements: Evidence Based upon a Sample of Left-Behind Children in Rural China. Frontiers in Education. 2:38. doi: 10.3389/feduc.2017.00038

Bo, W.V., Loh, EKY., & Tse, SK. (2016). Developments of university students’ achievement motivation within a foreign language course: A qualitative study of attitudes and behaviours. In Guo, Z., & Zheng, B. (Eds.), Applied Chinese language studies VII: acquisition, assessment and application: Theory and practice of teaching Chinese in higher education (pp. 111-128). London: Sinolingua London.

Conference Papers/Presentations:

Bo, W.V., & Fu, M. (2021, June), Relationship of English Proficiency Level to Academic Performance: Multi-Lingual Speakers in Higher Education. Paper presented at the 42nd Language Testing Research Colloquium, Hammamet, Tunisia.

Bo, W.V., & Lim, W.Y. (2019, November). Relationship of English Language Proficiency to Academic Performance: Evidence from Singapore University. Paper presented at The Applied Linguistics Conference 2019, Perth, Australia.

Bo, W.V. (2019, May). Adopting Peer Tutoring in Academic Writing for University Students in Singapore. Paper presented at ELTU Conference 2019, Hong Kong.

Bo, W.V. (2018, December). “I Am Not Here for Fun”: Contextualize Adult Learners’ Achievement Motivation. Paper presented at The Eighth CLS International Conference, Singapore.

Bo, W.V. (2018, March). How Does Foreign Language Learner’s Motivation Change under Different Contexts? The Power of Peer Competition and Exam Preparation. Paper presented at the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) 2018 Conference, Chicago, USA.

Bo, W.V., & Chen, D-T. (2018, January). Science Teachers’ Classroom Experience of Simulations Implementation: A Study in Singapore Context. Paper presented at the Applied Learning Conference (ALC 2018), Singapore.

Chen, D-T., & Bo, W.V. (2017, December). Teachers’ perception of IT in science education. Paper presented at the 25th International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE 2017), Christchurch, New Zealand.

Chen, D-T., & Bo, W.V. (2017, July). Attitudes of Science Teachers towards the Use of Interactive Simulations. Paper presented at the 20th International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning (ICTEL), Barcelona, Spain.

Bo, W.V., & LOH, EKY. (2015, July). How does the university students’ achievement motivation develop within an academic semester while learning Chinese as a foreign language. Paper presented at the 13th British Chinese Language Teaching Society (BCLTS) International Conference on Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education, Oxford, UK.

Bo, W.V. (2014, June). The Role of Expectancy and Task Values In Shaping Students’ Achievement Motivations and Behaviours. Paper presented at the annual conference of the International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education (IAIMTE), Hong Kong.

Research Projects:
Teaching staff’s perspectives about students’ English Proficiency (Jan 2023 – Dec 2024);
Principal Investigator.

Ministry of Education (MOE) Start-up Research Funding; SG$ 87,290; on-going

An Efficacy Study of the English Proficiency Programme (2020-2022); Principal Investigator. Ministry of Education (MOE) Tertiary Education Research Fund (TRF); SG$ 109,386; completed.

Evaluation of the “Story telling activities” in enhancing low SES (Socio-Economic Status) students’ reading interests and developing parent volunteers’ story telling ability (2014-2015); Co-investigator (PI Dr. Elizabeth K.Y. LOH). Bring Me a Book Foundation (; HK$ 50,000; completed.

2011 - Present
Member, The Cambridge Union

2017 - Present
Member, American Association of Applied Linguistics

2017 - Present
Member, Singapore Association of Applied Linguistics

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Learning Motivation and Academic Performance
  • Language Learning in Higher Education
  • Technology-enhanced Learning
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