Slowing Workforce
Growth in Singapore


This research project was done in partnership with NTUC Strategy and studied the labour issues surrounding slowing workforce growth because of population ageing in Singapore. The study employed both qualitative and quantitative strategies to address these issues. This is pertinent as it will provide the basis to formulate strategies for employers and policy suggestions for government. For more details please refer to NTUC Press Release below.

Research Findings

The labour force projections established that for the short-term the labour market will recover as COVID-19 becomes endemic and the economy restarts. However, there will be headwinds encountered by the manufacturing and construction industry regarding employment growth. In the long-term there is an expectation that job vacancies are expected to decline and will lead to job seekers spending long periods seeking employment.

The qualitative results from this study demonstrated mainly the need for a more inclusive workplace culture. Promoting inclusivity spanned options like pro-family and age-friendly HR practices; to having open conversations with employees; to seeing how organisations can also serve their interests while fulfilling business outcomes.

By taking the necessary pre-emptive measures and making changes to align and meet the challenges posed by population ageing and slowing labour force growth, it is possible to achieve better business outcomes that will benefit all parties, and thereby producing a vibrant economic outlook despite the impending challenges.

Research Publications

* The Infographic and Research Report can also be found on our partner site at

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