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Associate Professor Genice Ngg

Honorary Associate Professor

Email: genicenggyy@suss.edu.sg

Educational Qualifications

PhD (English), McGill University

Academic and Professional Experience

2019 - July 2023
Associate Professor, English Language & Literature Programme, School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences, SUSS

2011 - 2018
Dean, School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences, SUSS

Acting Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences, UniSIM

2005 - 2010
Head of Programme, English Language and Literature, UniSIM

2005 - 2006
Head of Programme, Communication Studies and English Language, UniSIM

Dec 2005
Visiting Fellow, Hong Kong Open University

2000 - 2004
Lecturer in charge of the English Language and Literature programme, SIM-Open University Centre

2018 - 2019
MOE Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Working Group

Academic audit panel for the Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management offered by the Singapore Logistics Association

External Academic Quality Audit panel for the Singapore Institute of Management Global Education

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  • Ngg, G. “Dissecting Anatomists in Eighteenth-Century England.” 15th Congress of the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies: Enlightenment Identities. 15 July 2019, University of Edinburgh.
  • Ngg, G. “Come Buy My Fine Wares’: Marcellus Laroon’s Cries of London and Satire on London Life.” Literary London Society 2018 Conference: Conflict and Resolution. 29 June 2018, Senate House, London.
  • Ngg, G. “‘I Cure All Ills, Past, Present, and to Come’: Infallible Quack Doctors in Early Modern Broadsides.” [Invited presentation.] A Symposium on the Language of Medical Expertise and Imposture in English, 1400-1900. 25 May 2018, University College London, Institute of Advanced Studies.
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  • Ngg, G. “‘See, Sirs, See Here! A Doctor Rare’: Framing Satire in Early Modern Broadside Images of Mountebanks.” Swiss Association of Medieval and Early Modern English Studies 5th Biennial Conference: What Is an Image in Medieval and Early Modern England? 10 Sep. 2016, University of Zurich.
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  • Ngg, G. “The Portraits of Rochester: Formulations of the Theatrical Self.” Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies/NEASECS/Aphra Behn Conference: The Immaterial Eighteenth Century. 28 Oct. 2011, Hamilton.
  • Ngg, G. “A Question of Performance: Challenges and Concerns in New Approaches to Teaching of Shakespeare in Singapore.” [Invited submission.] Shakespeare Review (Shakespeare Association of Korea) 46.2 (2010): 423-36.

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