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Core Learning provides a variety of programmes to enhance the English language skills of our students, including writing courses, workshops and individual coaches.

English Proficiency Programme 

English Proficiency (EP) Programme consists of 5 self-paced courses, including a diagnostic course SDE101 together with 4 language enhancement course (ELCs) that target at different aspects of language skills – SDE102 Developing Academic Writing Skills, SDE103 Grammar, SDE104 Academic Reading and SDE105 Academic Writing.

If you have not met the English Language Proficiency requirement, click "Find out more" for information on the courses and programme.

If you have met the English Language Proficiency requirement, you can still opt-in for self-improvement in different aspects.

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A series of writing workshops are provided to allow for more student interactions and teacher feedback. They aim at improving students’ writing skills in different types of assignments in university context, such as essay writing, proposal writing and report writing.

Writing Workshops

  1. SDW151 Introduction to Academic Writing
  2. SDW351 Research Writing I: Proposal and Literature Review
  3. SDW353 Research Writing II: Methods and Finding



The writing coaching services offer support to SUSS students who might need individualised help to improve their English writing skills.

About Writing Coaches


Academic & Research Writing Resources

A list of resources curated and developed for SUSS students ranging from academic writing to discipline-specific writing and research writing: writing up qualitative research. These resources include purposeful strategies with accompanying examples for better understanding and application of writing strategies.

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Core Learning provides services to help students enhance their writing and speaking skills. 

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You can contact us at cl_epsupport@suss.edu.sg if you have any queries about the English Language Support Programmes.

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