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Study Awards

The study awards are open to financially-needy students with good academic records, or have made satisfactory progress towards completion of his/her academic programme for SUSS students:

SUSS Spirit Award

This award recognises and honours SUSS students who exemplify 'Heart' in our educational philosophy of 'Head, Heart and Habit'.

The people-oriented, prosocial values that we want to recognise and honour include honesty, integrity, commitment, resilience, moral courage, service to others, social change leadership, and selfless contribution to society.

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SUSS Provost 3H Fund - Community Impact Award

This award recognises and spotlights the social/community impact of Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) students’ collaborative efforts with the community. It exemplifies ‘Heart’ in our educational philosophy of 'Head, Heart and Habit', with emphasis on impact through community collaboration.

Convocation Awards

Awards and prizes are presented to outstanding SUSS students during the annual convocation ceremonies. These awards recognise the achievements of the graduating class, in their academics, practicums and internships, and service to the community.

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