Impact Startup Challenge

Impact Startup Challenge

The perfect opportunity to test your ideas.

Join the SUSS Impact Startup Challenge (CDO303XXX) available in Singapore and overseas. This bootcamp is targeted at aspiring entrepreneurs (18 years and above) who want to test their ideas and develop a promising business proposal.

During this course, students will form teams, engage in brainstorming sessions, validate their business ideas, design prototypes, and present a pitch in front of a panel of judges. There will be highs and lows, frustrations and moments of triumphs. Some will meet their co-founders, and some teams will even move on to start a company. Win or lose, it is certain that teams will learn new lessons, have their ideas tested, pushed to their limits, and their lives changed.

Good ideas do not automatically translate into good companies. The process of testing, validating and pivoting is critical for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to develop ideas that translate into businesses that add value. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the problems they are trying to solve. Teams will get to put their ideas and assumptions to the test, and modify them along the way through the feedback they garner. Participants will be able to evaluate if their ideas are worth pursuing and proceed to design their first prototype.

Entrepreneurs have a higher chance of succeeding if they belong to an ecosystem. To build a successful brand, it is critical to learn from those who have successfully built and grown companies, while also gaining from the experience of less successful ventures. Students will benefit from opportunities to connect with experts from different domains by engaging with startup communities during allocated study trips. This course is a time to meet potential co-founders, learn how to work in a team and gain insights from the ecosystem.

Participants in this programme will be exposed to the following areas:

  • Startup Ecosystem
  • The Lean Startup Model
  • Business Pitching
  • Overseas Market Access and Opportunities*
*Market access available for Overseas Impact Startup Challenge

Impact Startup Challenge Gerontology

With a focus on Gerontology, this edition of the Impact Startup Challenge aims to target problems faced by our aging population. In this 9-week course, brainstorm new solutions to current problems and learn about the different concepts and skills required to start your own business.

Course Fees

(For Singapore citizens after subsidy; Different rates may apply for PRs and foreigners)

  • CET students: S$1,300.05 (inclusive of GST) for Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PRs); S$1,560.06 (inclusive of GST) for other residents
  • SUSS full-time and part-time students, prevailing course fees apply


*Attendance in the following face-to-face sessions is required


SessionDateTimeSession Title
14 June 20217.00pm-10.00pmIdeation
211 June 20217.00pm-10.00pmStudy Trip 1
318 June 20217.00pm-10.00pmPitch your idea and form teams.

Intro to Javelin Board (GBA1) 
425 June 20217.00pm-10.00pmIdentify your customer persona
52 July 20217.00pm-10.00pmValue Proposition Canvas (GBA 2)
69 July 20217.00pm-10.00pmSolution Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
716 July 20217.00pm-10.00pmStudy trip 2
823 July 20217.00pm-10.00pmLearn how to pitch to investors (GBA 3)
931 July 202110.00am - 2:00pmDemo Day

Instructor: Dr Kelvin Tan



The instructor for this course is Dr Kelvin Tan. He is a Senior Lecturer at SUSS and one of our mentors for the Venture Builder Programme.

He is passionate about innovating new solutions for the elderly, and has spearheaded initiatives supported by the government.

His extensive experience spans across many other fields including consumer engagement, sales and entrepreneurship. 


Guest Speakers

Carmen Yuen is a venture capitalist based in Vertex Ventures. She is also a mentor for HyperX, a global innovation programme started by StartupX and Temasek to promote innovation in our changing world.





Janice Chia is the founder and Managing Director of Ageing Asia, an industry alliance to support companies promoting healthy ageing. She has accumulated experiences from over 400 elderly care homes across 15 countries and has been actively consulting in best practices for global health and care models for the Asian market. 



Kat Neo has an MBA with National University of Singapore and is the co-Founder and Director of Business Development of Timeliss. 

She has 13 years of business development in building new client relationships and partnerships, driving product innovation and business transformation, and creating new market-entry strategies.

She also played a strategic role in the growth of the startup CXA as Asia's first insurance wellness marketplace, by building strong partnerships with companies who provide value-added services that encourage the workplace to be healthier.

Currently, as a mumpreneur at Timeliss, Kat hopes to empower people to prepare and provide peace of mind for their loved ones by bringing health, wealth and legacy planning matters onto one platform.



Admission Eligibility Criteria

  • SUSS full-time/part-time students may register for this course as a 5 cu elective under SUSS Core, or as a General Elective under the School of Business, S R Nathan School of Human Development, School of Science and Technology, School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences or School of Law. For FTMKT and BSBM, it can be taken as a major-related elective.


How to apply:

Select CDO303 during Electronic Course Registration (eCR) (for full-time and part-time students).

For more information about the Impact Startup Challenge, please contact our SUSS Entrepreneurship Team at

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