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Venture Builder - Regional Impact

The Regional Venture Builder Programme is an immersive overseas training programme designed to help you launch successful ventures. For this run, you will have the opportunity to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia and be based there for 3 months.  During this time, you will form a trans-national team with Indonesian counterparts to work on problem statements within your domain skills and knowledge, while undergoing a rigorous 3-months hands-on training to build a business for the regional market. 

VB regional

This is a hands-on, experiential entrepreneurship programme where you will be involved with everything ranging from customer interviews to product development and design. You will develop an understanding and appreciation of Indonesia’s culture and business landscape, as you work with your team to delve into your potential customer’s problems and pain points, and build bootstrapped prototypes of the product/service. 

The grit, determination and vision you bring to the table will be what is necessary to turn something from a mere idea into reality.  You are expected to be highly resourceful and adaptable to overcome challenges and seek guidance and help from the resources made available to you from and beyond this programme in order to ensure sustained progress and growth of both the product/service and the company.

Programme Features

  • An experienced Programme Lead together with in-residence entrepreneurs will provide guidance to support participants to successfully launch their ventures.
  • Free access to the incubator space in Jakarta.
  • Subsidised travel
  • Study trip to startup hubs within Indonesia
  • Monthly stipend of SGD$1,500 is provided for the first 3 months.  
  • Access to mentors and potential business partners in Indonesia 
  • Flexible programme structure. After the first 3 months of the programme, participants are allowed to pursue alternative pathways.
  • Complimentary mentoring services with subsequent support for eligible start-ups to apply for SUSS Start-up grant and/or SGD$50,000 government grant

Job Description

Job Title

Founder / Co-Founder

Brief Job Description

Identify Market Opportunities
Build Partnerships and Customer Relations
Manage Product Development
Direct Marketing and Promotion
Develop Financial Estimates
Create Product Deck and Documents
Build and Manage Team
Based in Indonesia for 3 months (minimum)

Programme Curriculum

Refer to this document for an overview of the planned workshops and structure of the programme

Duration & Period of the Traineeship offered


30 January 2023 to 21 April 2023 (Application deadline: 14 October 2022 - Indonesia Track, 9 December 2022 - Singapore Track)


Apply Now

Application Process


  • Only SUSS Full-time / Part-time Students and SUSS Alumni may apply.
  • Must not hold any current full-time employment.
  • Must be able to commit to the programme full-time for duration of the programme.
*In addition, for Full-time Students applying for SUSS VB SG as E-WA must clear all Pre-WA requisites.


  • Stipend of up to S$1,500 for first 3 months


Applicants need the following documents:

  • One-page Business Overview (PDF only)
    • You may consider utilising a Business Model Canvas template for this purpose.
  • Business/Start-up Pitch Deck (PDF only)
    • This pitch deck should include more contextual information about the business you are building, and why it has the potential to succeed. You may refer to this article for more information.
  • 6-month Milestones (PDF only)
    • This shall serve as an overview of the work during the course of the programme.
  • Team Background
    • Please provide information on team members and external advisors/mentors.


SUSS will select each applicant based on:

  • Entrepreneurial potential – experience, passion, skillsets, etc.
  • Potential and feasibility of the business idea.
  • Highly resourceful with good networks.
  • Intellectually nimble and an eye for collaborative possibilities.
  • Able to tackle challenging situations with finesse and determination.
  • Experience as an entrepreneur or in a startup will be an added advantage.
  • Passionate to build and grow a business of their own.
  • Able to contribute a business idea in any of the following domains: Early Childhood, Gerontology / Elderlies, Psychology / Mental Health, Education Technology, Fintech / Blockchain, E-commerce / Marketing, Social Services, SME Digital Transformation; will be an added advantage.

Apply Now

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