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'SUSS taught me to move out of my comfort zone and be more adventurous in pursuing my dreams'

Having received the Teaching Award from the Ministry of Education, choosing SUSS’s Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Management felt like the natural route for me, having joined the early childhood education industry upon completing my A’ levels. I was part of the pioneer batch of students’ taking up this part-time course.

Throughout my time in SUSS, balancing working full-time as a pre-school teacher, moving into my own apartment, and looking after three children, was a constant challenge for me. I am very grateful to my colleagues for supporting me throughout this challenging period. With all the support I received, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, and continued pursuing further studies, completing my Master's degree in Early Childhood shortly after.

SUSS opened many pathways and opportunities for me. 'SUSS taught me to move out of my comfort zone and be more adventurous in pursuing my dreams'. Furthermore, the professionalism and knowledge of lecturers and flexibility of the programmes enhanced her zest for learning, prompting me to join SUSS as an associate to share her experience in the field.

Thankful for all the support and encouragement SUSS has given me, I joined the AAAC in hopes to promote connectivity of fellow alumnus with SUSS and to assist current students through their personal and professional experiences. 'We lead by example and send that powerful message that philanthropy should be part of our lives and that social responsibility should be a cornerstone of our curriculum.'

*To join hands with fellow alumni and support others on their education journey, make a gift to the SUSS Alumni Lifelong Education Fund.

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