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Choon Meng

'I hope to share my experiences and inspire others not to give up'


Computer Programming and Computer Science have always been interests of mine. Despite having a full-time job, I wanted to push myself further, thus making the decision to take on the Bachelor of Sciences (Computer Science) programme in SUSS, which gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion while being able to support myself and my family.

Due to work commitments, I was based in France for a portion of my studies. During my time in France, I struggled a lot due to time zone differences, and the inability to attend lectures in person. With studies, family, and work commitments piling up, I eventually made the decision to extend my studies by a year in order to better manage myself. However, it was also during my stay there that I had one of the most interesting experiences –  Requesting to take my examinations in France, I ended up having to take a 2-hour drive to a remote village, where I met my invigilator who happened to be a retiree in that village! It was a really memorable experience for me.

Back when I was a student, it was not easy for late bloomers to path their route in life. I’m thankful to SUSS for opening opportunities to individuals like myself, who had to balance many responsibilities, and encouraging and instilling the lifelong learning attitude amongst students. I believe that everyone needs a helping hand in life, joining the AAAC, ‘I hope to share my experiences and inspire others not to give up’, as they continue carrying this support forward.



*To join hands with fellow alumni and support others on their education journey, make a gift to the SUSS Alumni Lifelong Education Fund.


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