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'Studying at SUSS gave me a taste of “real-life juggling”'

I wasn’t exactly a studious person and disliked the notion of studying full-time. SUSS, then UniSIM, gave me the flexibility to pursue my further studies while simultaneously gaining more experience in the industry. I was a year into working in a Corporate Communications team. Having felt how fulfilling and engaging my role was, I decided to join the SUSS family, taking up the Communication Studies and English Language Course.

As with many fellow part-time students, balancing work and school was not an easy feat. This was especially apparent when my work projects started peaking during exam periods, where I often faced time constraints, which eventually impacted my grades significantly, especially during my honours year. It gave me a taste of ‘real-life juggling’, but it also gave me a grounding in tenacity and resilience, which are essential qualities when facing multiple priorities.

Despite the hurdles along the way, I enjoyed my time at SUSS: From having the chance to learn from experienced lecturers and tutors, to the friendships made with my course mates. Like myself, I know that many graduates have found deep meaning within their course of studies. As an AAAC member, I would like to spotlight these stories, to encourage fellow alumni to support students who are currently walking in the same shoes.

*To join hands with fellow alumni and support others on their education journey, make a gift to the SUSS Alumni Lifelong Education Fund.

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