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‘It is the people within, who form the heart and soul of the institution’

I joined SUSS’s English Language and Communication Studies, being the course with the curriculum best suited to me. Enrolling in a part-time programme gave me the chance to interact with course mates with more experience than myself. Hearing their stories gave me a head start in my career, being relatively new to the workforce at that point of life.

Despite majoring in English, my job then was largely to sell video games. The experiences I had there taught me that ‘opportunities can be found wherever you look’. Being a small company, I was roped into various roles – from customer service to marketing. Through these opportunities, I discovered the power of social media and the emerging presence and growing importance of social media marketing.

Tapping on the increasing significance of social media, I developed a career in developing the digital presence of clients across various sectors, eventually launching a media company of my own. I’m also fortunate enough to have been able to share my knowledge with many individuals interested in the field through teaching opportunities; I believe that hoarding information helps no one, and thus hope to pass down experiences and knowledge, for the next generation to make the most out of it.

SUSS gave me a good framework to leap off from. ‘it is the people within, who form the heart and soul of the institution’. Joining the AAAC, I hope to share my experience with the next generation of students in SUSS, lending my voice for them to find their place in the real-world and giving them the opportunity to shine regardless of qualifications, and sparking the next leap.

*To join hands with fellow alumni and support others on their education journey, make a gift to the SUSS Alumni Lifelong Education Fund.



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