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Jun Cheng

'SUSS has equipped me with diverse personal and professional skills'

Being interested in how a business operates, I took up accounting because it reflected the fundamentals of business. Attracted by the line-up of experienced lecturers kick-starting the accountancy programme, I decided to take it up as my major.

During my time in SUSS, I was given many service-learning opportunities, benefitting from the GIC Sparks Programmme, and the SUSS Spirit Award. The GIC Sparks Programme, where I had the opportunity to volunteer in Beyond Services Singapore (BSS), a non-profit organisation providing support to underprivileged youth and children. It was through interactions with the children which sparked my interest in mentoring children, which lead to me joining a similar project by a team of seniors and leading the second run of the project. These experiences allowed me to gain exposure to community involvement and the chance to interact with others as well. I was also awarded the Service-Learning Award in my last year as well, for my active involvement in the community. Seeing people benefit from these programmes and returning to render support gave me the assurance that we have made a positive impact in the society.

As a beneficiary of study grants that supported me through my time with SUSS, and in the spirit of giving back, I joined the AAAC in hopes to help our juniors that may be facing the same set of challenges I did. SUSS has equipped me with diverse personal and professional skills that made my transition to the working life a smooth one. Having experience the social environment first-hand has also shaped my way of thinking, allowing me to form meaningful bonds with friends, colleagues, and clients.

As someone who has gained many experiences throughout my education journey and after graduation, I would like to mentor students that are facing similar challenges, to guide and motivate them as they weave through challenges.

*To join hands with fellow alumni and support others on their education journey, make a gift to the SUSS Alumni Lifelong Education Fund.


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