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'SUSS has painted a very real picture of the industry for me.'

An internship at the State Courts ignited my interest in representing and supporting clients in the justice system – I saw a significance in the solicitor role, and was inspired to provide that same representation in the future. Already having a job before pursuing my studies at SUSS, the then newly established part-time law degree caught my eye, as it gave me the chance to continue pursuing my studies without the need to leave my current workplace.

While I had many opportunities to participate and represent the school in significant events through my time in SUSS, as someone who’s prefers face-to-face interactions, it is the simple in-class lessons that left a deep impression on me. The insightful discussions, debates, and role plays, as well as the chance to bounce ideas off one another is etched in my heart, especially with fewer opportunities to do so with the Covid-19 situation.

I’m grateful to have a good support system, making my education journey a smoother. My time with SUSS so far has painted a very real picture of the industry, preparing me for what lies ahead after graduation, and joining the industry.

Being a recipient of the Irene Tan Liang Kheng Scholarship for Law back in 2019, I understand first-hand the positive impact it has on one’s education journey. The scholarship brought me closer to my dreams. I am grateful for the support and would now like to pay-it-forward by helping students, ensuring that no one is left behind, with opportunities to reach their full potential.


*To join hands with fellow alumni and support others on their education journey, make a gift to the SUSS Alumni Lifelong Education Fund.

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