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Dr Eunice Tan

PIAC Eunice Tan


Eunice Tan is a faculty staff at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). She heads the Special Education programme at the university and is currently working on some research projects involving individuals with special needs. She is a strong supporter and advocator for quality of life for all individuals with special needs, including the most challenged in our commuity.

Session Theme: Participation in Education

I will be sharing about a pilot study on the role of community involvement for youths with higher needs exiting special education schools in Singapore. 

Across various developed nations worldwide, the norm is the full integration of youths with special needs into the fabric of society, with community living being the standard. However, the scenario differs considerably in Singapore, where a significant portion of youths with disabilities remains segregated.

This study examines the concerns and suggestions put forth by the staff working with these youths. The primary objective is to gauge the proficiency levels of the staff and pinpoint potential deficiencies in their support systems for individuals with disabilities.

The research findings underscore the urgent requirement for augmented financial resources, increased staffing levels, and enhanced training protocols of superior quality. Furthermore, the study underscores the paramount importance of leveraging the unique strengths of these youths as a cornerstone of their developmental journey.

Why is the topic of participation important to you?

Quality of life for individuals with disabilities is something I hold dear to.

Tell us a little bit about what you personally like to participate in!

Participating with individuals with disabilities and being involved in inclusive practices.


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