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Intergenerational Reminiscence

Unlocking the Power of Reminiscence

In 2019, the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), in collaboration with Dementia Singapore (DSG) and the National Archives of Singapore (NAS), embarked on a transformative project centred around reminiscence in dementia care during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. This collaborative effort involved the development of an adaptive oral history approach using reminiscence, specifically designed for caregivers and individuals living with dementia. Participants were provided with a platform to share their life stories and experiences, uncover the 'hidden' personal histories, and fortify family bonds. Beyond preserving these individual narratives, the project fostered awareness of the importance of a supportive and collaborative environment in our aging society.

Furthermore, several pilot projects utilizing the Reminiscence library package, developed by the National Library Board (NLB), were conducted at institutions like Moral Home for the Aged Sick, Dementia Singapore, and St. Luke's Eldercare. These reminiscence activities revealed the potential of reminiscence as an effective non-pharmacological intervention for cognitive stimulation and the mitigation of social isolation.

These endeavours align with a study conducted by the National Center for Geriatric and Gerontology in Japan, which found that reminiscing about the past can significantly increase blood flow to the brain, potentially up to 80 times. This practice also holds promise in easing symptoms of depression and slowing the progression of dementia.

NHK RL Blood Flow



The Reminiscence Project

In partnership with National Archives of Singapore and Dementia Singapore, SUSS launched The Reminiscence Project, a one-to-one adaptive oral history interview to engage Persons Living with Dementia (PLwDs) and their caregivers. The project was initiated in February 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic to support PLwDs and their caregivers in Singapore. Reminiscence in this project was about cherishing every moment and celebrating memories. Everyone was treated like a VIP, (V)alued for their contributions and providing (I)nspiration for the team to adopt a (P)erson-centric approach. Using a life course approach, the team collected stories of full of meaning – unique life experiences and contributions, not just from individuals but also from their families, weaving into the broader narrative of Singapore's growth and development.


A Special Thanks
The project team would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every participant for generously sharing their wisdom and life experiences. Your stories continue to ignite our passion for supporting, developing, and co-creating reminiscence facilitation guides and educational tools for the eldercare sector. Guided by the inspiration you've shared with us, we remain dedicated to the mission of enriching lives through reminiscence. And together, we will continue to write the next chapters of our remarkable journeys.remi project


The Reminiscence Project

For more videos on our reminiscence projects, please visit:


Come! Let’s Chat – A Intergenerational Reminiscence Game

Leveraging on the potential of reminiscence activities to enhance the overall well-being of older adults, SUSS and NAS forged another partnership in 2022 to co-develop Come! Let’s Chat, an intergenerational reminiscence game.

The game comprises a suite of curated visuals of past and present-day Singapore grouped into three themes: People & Places, Kampong Days and National Campaigns. These visuals serve as conversation starters for individuals to share their experiences and life stories centred around the Singaporean way of life. In addition, a deck of activity cards injects an element of fun into the sessions.

The game was collaboratively designed with input from subject matter experts, youth, and older adults to ensure its universal appeal. It offers participants of all ages the opportunity to learn from each other and discover more about Singapore as they share stories and exchange perspectives. Come! Let’s Chat aims to serve as a catalyst for bridging generation gaps, fostering relationships, and not only maintaining but also expanding social networks.

CLC Project

Using Come! Let’s Chat


Reminiscence Facilitation Training

In September 2023, SUSS introduced the inaugural Reminiscence Facilitation Training (RFT) program, addressing the need for a standardized approach to conducting reminiscence activities. Pioneered in Singapore, this unique program adopts a person-centred, life-course, and VIPs approach.

This three-part program, consisting of an e-learning module, face-to-face workshop, and practicum, equips facilitators with a comprehensive framework covering preparation, implementation, and evaluation. Initially attended by eldercare organisation staff, future plans include training members of the public. Certified older adults and young individuals can explore opportunities to serve as reminiscence facilitators, enhancing their own well-being while contributing to the community's betterment.

RFT ProjectThree RF trainees conducted a series of six reminiscence activities at Methodist Welfare Services Greentops AAC as part of their practicum for the certified RFT program. The sessions were held from November to December 2023, engaging with 18 seniors. This partnership opens an opportunity for MWS to pilot this evidence-informed program and experience firsthand its efficacy in improving the psychosocial aspects of seniors aging in the community. READ MORE

On 8 January 2024, SUSS has certified 36 reminiscence facilitators (RFs) from 15 organisations, and they have served over 400 hours to 200 seniors. 

RFT Overview Illustration

Download SUSS Reminiscence Facilitation Training brochure

If you are keen to enroll in an e-learning module to get started with the basics of reminiscence facilitation, please enrol here 
For individuals and organisations interested in our Reminiscence Facilitation Training program, please email
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