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SUSS is spearheading the efforts to meet the needs of Singapore's rapidly ageing population for more trained professionals in the health, social and psychological services. As the needs of elder people require specialised care, SUSS dedicates training to address specific characteristics such as the ageing process through interdisciplinary courses in Gerontology. With a 12-year track record, we are the leading university with deep expertise in Gerontology studies and the Gerontology sector.

Discover Our Transformative Gerontology Initiatives 

SUSS has been engaging the community and industry through GeronENGAGE to educate the public on ageing issues and positive health-seeking behaviours, and GeronTECH to identify and support the use of technology to achieve successful ageing. Through our social entrepreneurship and geronpreneurship incubator programmes, SUSS works closely with industry partners to enhance the well-being of older adults through innovative and impactful gerontology initiatives. 



GeronENGAGE is a community-led effort facilitated by the SUSS Gerontology Programme team to advance and advocate elderly empowerment, community engagement and intergenerational bonding.


Age-friendly advocate

Our programmes and activities focus on the elements of Learn, Participate and Contribute. In support of the Ministry of Health's Action Plan for Successful Ageing 2023, we promote healthy ageing and social participation through the empowerment of seniors and by bringing together various stakeholders to create opportunities for age-friendly communities.

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Capacity Building

Through our capacity workshops and seminars, we bring global, regional and local thought leaders from healthcare, nonprofits, community groups, private sectors, gerontologists, academicians and researchers to share their knowledge and insights on the challenges and opportunities of ageing. We have seen magic happen through meaningful collaborations and partnerships, resulting in innovative and creative solutions and approaches for successful and healthy ageing. 

Toa Payoh Resettlement Project

SUSS Gerontology Student and Alumni Community (SGSAC) formed a core team of 13 volunteers with diverse backgrounds in December 2021 and mobilised 80 volunteers from community partners, corporates, school, and alumni students to support senior residents staying at two rental blocks, 29 & 31, in Toa Payoh East with their relocation. Together, they contributed 1,785 community service hours on this project that impacted 42 seniors.

The resettlement is a significant milestone for many seniors, disrupting the familiarity, support system and comfort they have built living in Toa Payoh for many years. Our alumni and students supported these seniors by working closely with the relevant government agencies and community partners to smooth their resettlement journey. This helped minimise these seniors' anxiety and worry and enabled them to resettle with dignity and keep their fond memories intact, as they adjust to the new surroundings.

As the resettlement comes to an end in May 2023, SGSAC would like to share photos and videos providing insights into this 18-month learning journey.


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Intergenerational Reminiscence

Studies on reminiscence has found that reminiscing about the past can significantly increase blood flow to the brain, potentially up to 80 times. Reminiscence holds promise in easing symptoms of depression and slowing the progression of dementia and cognitive functioning. 

Since 2019, our Gerontology Program has been dedicated to promoting a sense of connection, purpose, and happiness among seniors and caregivers through a series of reminiscence-based interventions and engaging community activities. READ MORE

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Combat Ageism Through Storytelling

Storytelling evokes empathy and has a positive influence on the attitudes of older adults. Combat Ageism through Storytelling is a collaborative project that involves youth, teachers and our SUSS Geron alumni to address ageist attitudes through a proven method and create opportunities for intergenerational collaborations.

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Loving Care Shuttle Bus Service

This pilot is a collaboration with Tsao Foundation’s Community for Successful Ageing (ComSA) in Whampoa. We brought accessibility and convenience for seniors with our Loving Care Shuttle Bus Service. Two routes consisting of a Medical Route and a Social Route enable seniors with mobility issues to travel to their hospital and polyclinic visits, public transportation hub and major social venues easily and conveniently.

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WHO ICOPE in Singapore

WHO Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE) is a community-based approach towards person-centred health and social care to optimise the functional ability of older people.

The ICOPE Framework aims to assist health, social care workers and caregivers to

  1. Screen older people at risk of care dependency in the community;
  2. Perform a person-centred assessment in primary care; and
  3. Design a personalised care plan

across 6 intrinsic capacities — Locomotor Capacity, Vitality, Visual Capacity, Psychological Capacity, Cognitive Capacity and Hearing Capacity — essential for independent living. This support HealthierSG’s preventive care approach. 


Singapore’s pioneer batch of 40 ICOPE Assessors was certified in February 2023, and a research study was kickstarted to test the feasibility of community screening using ICOPE in Singapore and how the empowerment of health was possible through a personalised care plan. 

“In our discussion, we find the ICOPE easy to administer, and it could help family members to better determine if a health check is needed and which area to focus on as a start.”

“The ICOPE initiative presents a chance for older people to take charge of their own health with the support of their loved ones and community — giving us hope that Singaporeans can age longer and healthier in time to come.”

“A powerful forum where diverse minds come together to ignite new ideas, collaborate on solutions, and drive meaningful change for a common cause. It is a great opportunity for those passionate about improving the caregiving journey for seniors to come together and make a positive impact. We need more of such!"


Leveraging Technology

Under the GeronTECH pillar, the SUSS Gerontology Programme team aims to identify and support the use of technology to achieve successful ageing. We will develop pilot solutions to prepare the future of the eldercare sector and Singaporeans by leveraging Geron-technological products to effectively enhance the quality of care and life of the elderly and their caregivers.  


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Ambassador Training

Our GeronTECH Ambassador Course aims to train seniors to support our community partners in the adoption of gerontech and encourage the use of tech among community-dwelling seniors to increase their quality of life. This also provides micro-job employment opportunities for seniors.


Living Lab

The Age+ Living Lab, led by SUSS, is a community-driven initiative committed to supporting national initiatives such as Age Well SG and the 2023 Action Plan for Successful Ageing. It serves as a testament to SUSS’s commitment and dedication to building the capability and confidence of seniors and caregivers, enabling them to age in place and thrive in their homes and communities with the help of assistive products and gerontechnology. READ MORE



Through research with our partners, SUSS aims to advance the field of gerontology and expand the knowledge of the public as well as the private sectors.

Making an Impact

Find out how Mary, SUSS Gerontology alumni, makes a difference with her Masters of Gerontology from SUSS.




Creating an age-friendly Singapore

Our population is ageing rapidly. Why should we care? Are we prepared for it? What else can be done? These are some questions we answer.



How Can We Foster Meaningful Ageing?

While the “many helping hands” approach is sound in theory, it is still very much a work in progress. We explore other potential solutions.



Old but Gold: Why Hire Older Workers?

In a time where older workers are more susceptible to growing retrenchments, we shed light on the many advantages of employing older people.



Measures To Overcome Elderly Suicide

Taking a multi-pronged approach to building the eldercare ecosystem and guarding against elderly suicide.



Empowering Seniors for Delayed Retirement

As the number of Singaporeans delaying retirement grows, what measures need to be put in place to meet the needs of these individuals?



Will Grandparenting Still Exist In The Future?

As our population ages, being raised by grandparents could be a thing of the past.



Is The Retirement Age Still Necessary?

Tapping on the greying workforce can be a boon to economic growth.



Tap On Older Workers to Further Business Growth

Build an agile, inclusive and growing organisation by employing older workers.



Level Up Standards in Eldercare

In a time where older workers are more susceptible to growing retrenchments, we shed light on the many advantages of employing older people.




Associate Professor Carol Ma

Associate Professor Carol Ma

Head, Gerontology Programmes & Senior Fellow (Service-Learning & Community Engagement), Centre for Experiential Learning

Dr Kelvin Tan

Dr Kelvin Tan

Head of Programme, Minor in Applied Ageing Studies
Senior Lecturer, Master/PhD in Gerontology Programmes

Associate Professor Helen Ko

Associate Professor Helen Ko

Associate Professor, Master and PhD of Gerontology Programmes
S R Nathan School of Human Development


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