AEE Asia-Pacific Regional Conference:

Sustainability and Inclusivity in Experiential Education

AEE Asia-Pacific Regional Conference: Sustainability and Inclusivity in Experiential Education

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Registration has closed on 22 May 2023.

Conference Objectives

The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) Asia Pacific Regional (in collaboration with SUSS) brings you the inaugural APAC Regional Conference that aims to:

  • recognise the good practices of educators, practitioners and students in experiential education
  • explore ideas and enactment of sustainability and inclusivity in experiential education
  • celebrate partnerships and expand reach through networking and collaboration
  • celebrate the leadership of APAC council in AEE

Theme of Conference

The theme of the conference is “Sustainability and Inclusivity in Experiential Education.” We hope that this will be a platform where researchers, practitioners and students would explore and share sustainability and inclusivity education and practices through experiential learning.  

Themes related to sustainability include avoiding depletion of natural resources, ecological balance, sustained functioning of the environment, reducing one's impact on the environment, sharing of good practices, impact-driven narratives and enhancing the connection with nature. 

Themes around inclusivity include sharing of findings, practices, programmes and/or narratives of the provision of equal access to opportunities and resources to all. 

Advances in Experiential Education

Advocating Experiential Education

Activation in Experiential Education

Sharing of academic research in areas of EE in sustainability or inclusivity

Sharing of EE practice, work and projects by educators and practitioners in areas of sustainability or inclusivity OR sharing of experiential learning, programmes or projects in support of sustainability and/or inclusivity within their community/influence

Sharing by students on their EE experience in areas, projects or objectives involving sustainability or inclusivity

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Updated as of 9 June 2023

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Updated as of 9 June 2023

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Updated as of 9 June 2023

Call for Paper

Call for papers has ended. Thank you for your submissions. We welcome you to join us as participants for the conference.

Please register via the link below.

Conference Registration

Conference FeeStandard

The registration fee includes:

  • Meals (as indicated in the conference programme)
  • Learning Journey and transportation from SUSS
  • Conference e-Resources

*Prices are subject to prevailing 8% Goods and Services Tax.

Conference registration has ended.



Conference Schedule

For the full conference programme, please download a digital copy here
Venue: SUSS
Time       Programme
Opening Address by SUSS President, Professor Tan Tai Yong 

Keynote Address by Professor Roger Slee
Enabling Experiential Education, Experiencing Enabling Education 
It is difficult to dispute the proposition that the history of education is a history of exclusion for many population cohorts.  This continues to be the case for vulnerable population cohorts.  Reconstructing education so that it is inclusive is challenging.  Sustaining inclusive education is even more difficult.  This keynote will consider the possibilities for experiential education as a catalyst for the enduring reconstruction of education across all sectors.

Address by Sherry Bagley, Association for Experiential Education, Executive Director
AEE's Journey: Charting the Course to Being a Sustainable and Inclusive Organisation
Using many nautical metaphors, Sherry Bagley, AEE’s Executive Director, will take you on a journey to discover all about AEE’s history, current situation and future visioning. Making “stops” along the way, we will explore many facets of AEE including membership, connections, giving voice to your program, and how working together we can become a more sustainable and inclusive organization.

Tea Break 


Concurrent Session 1

1430Concurrent Session 2
1600Tea Break
1615Concurrent Session 3
1745Networking Conference Dinner

Venue: SUSS and Multiple Venues

Time       Programme
0830Learning Journeys and Visits - The Red Box (NYC), Rifle Range, Urban Bee Farm, Dialogue in the Dark

Lunch @ SUSS 

APAC Panel Discussion: Sustainability and Inclusivity in  Experiential Education


Concurrent Session 4

1600Closing and Summary of Day 2

Venue: Outward Bound School and Republic Polytechnic
Time       Programme

Experiential Sharing at Outward Bound School or Republic Polytechnic Xperiential Learning Centre


Conference Host Closing Address / Handover Ceremony

Pre-Conference Event (12 June 2023)
JTTW HPVJourney to the West (JTTW)

JTTW is an exploration of the western region of Singapore and an introduction to Singapore’s heritage/culture. Led by SUSS student leaders, you will explore various parts of Singapore and understand assets within the local Singaporean community.

JTTW is part of SUSS’s onboarding experiential learning programme for freshmen to develop foundational aptitudes in team effectiveness and community-mindedness. 

Advisory for participants
Participants are advised to dress comfortably in covered shoes and bring their own water bottle and umbrella. Participants will gather in SUSS at 10am for grouping and a short briefing.

The participants' exploration will start after each group meet with their respective student leaders. This experiential urban trip will include discussions as a team, answering of questions and discovery of Singapore's rich heritage sites. The trip is estimated to end at 3pm.

Learning Journeys

Red Box

Embark on a learning journey to Youth Corps Singapore’s social action hub, The Red Box, in the heart of Orchard Road.

Find out how service learning is facilitated in an experiential and youth-centric way to engage and sustain youth volunteers through initiatives and programmes that promote social inclusion and sustainability in the community. Experience first-hand ageing simulation activities curated for youth volunteers to build empathy and awareness of challenges faced by seniors and conclude your visit with a tour of the Red Box.

Youth Corps Singapore, under the National Youth Council, is a national institution that empowers youths keen to serve the community. As the champion for youth volunteerism to build active citizenry, it harnesses the energy and passion of youths to ignite positive change in society. Youth Corps Singapore provides the breadth and depth of volunteering opportunities for youths during and beyond their school days. Find out more at

Advisory for participants
Participants are advised to dress comfortably and bring their own water bottle as well as a light jacket as the venue may get cold.

How to get there
The Red Box Location Map

rifle range nature park

Come along and join us on a learning journey to the widely popular Rifle Range Nature Park.

Located to the south of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the Rifle Range Nature Park spans across 66 hectares with a 7km trail. On top of offering alternative habitats for the park's biodiversity, it is Singapore's first net positive energy nature park. Key highlights of the park include the Gliders Boardwalk, Banyan, Quarry Wetland, Forest Exploration Trail, Rambi Boardwalk and more. 

Expertly led by Cheng Puay, this learning journey will furnish you with the perfect opportunity to not only learn about the park's history, get acquainted with a comprehensive diversity of fascinating plant species and forest conservation efforts in Singapore, but also to immerse yourself in the breath-taking views offered by the nature trail. 

Advisory for participants
Participants are advised to dress comfortably and bring their own water bottle and umbrella.


Many world's issues and bad news have been taking up space and time in the news. Instead of focusing on such problems, BEE AMAZED aspires to be the game changer and inspires others to be the problem solvers and solution providers. We are on a mission to make societies and Singapore bee-friendly. This is an invitation for all who are interested to make the world a better place for social good.

The importance of bees is often overlooked. Due to misconceptions, bees are often vilified as terrible little beasts out to harm us when it is not so. At this conference, the misconception and myths about bees will be unraveled. No longer do we need to live in fear of the humble honey bees. Participants will revisit the importance of honey bees and how beekeeping in both urban and rural areas could provide solutions to food security, biodiversity, sustainability and climate change.

If you are afraid of honey bees, it's time for you to face this fear and get rid of it once and for all. It's time for you to have a new perspective and understanding through a personal encounter with the bees up close and personal. Being bee-friendly is DNA of an environmentalist! One really cannot claim to be an environmentalist if you have no concerns for the bees. Come join us in this movement to make societies and Singapore bee-friendly!

Advisory for participants
Participants are advised to dress comfortably and bring their own water.


The Dialogue in the Dark (DID) Learning Journey is a unique experience conducted in complete darkness. The gift of sight is often taken for granted when we are drowned in a world with visual stimulation. This extraordinary journey of diversity and self-discovery, assisted by vision-impaired guides, will let you experience everyday situations without sight, and learn to 'see' in a completely new way with other senses. A dialogue with the blind guide will allow you to gain deeper insights into the challenges of living without sight.

Advisory for participants
Participants are advised to dress comfortably and bring their own water bottle as well as a light jacket as the venue may get cold. It is not advisable to wear any glow in the dark outfits, shoes and accessories as these will need to be removed, to ensure that all participants get the best impact from the tour.

How to get there
DID How to Get There


Rental of Display Booth

Registration for booth rental has ended.

Visa and Customs

Most visitors to Singapore do not require a visa for entry. For more information on visa requirements and the Visa Free Transit Facility, you can check with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority or the Singapore Overseas Mission closest to you.

The period of stay granted will be shown on the visit pass endorsement in your passport.

In the event that you do require a letter of invitation for visa application, please contact the conference secretariat at

This conference will be held at:
Singapore University of Social Sciences
463 Clementi Road,
Singapore 599494



Advisory on Covid-19 for Travellers

  1. Singapore is open to all travellers without quarantine. This includes non-fully vaccinated travellers. Covid-19 pre-departure tests are not required. More details are available here.
  2. Depending on the destination you are travelling from, mask-wearing aboard flights and ferries to Singapore may be required. Travellers are advised to check with the respective transport operator on the mask-wearing requirement prior to their trip.
  3. Singapore has stepped down all COVID-19 measures and mask-wearing is not required except in healthcare settings. However, do practise good personal hygiene and wear a mask if you are unwell.


AEE-APRC 2023 participants enjoy special booking rates at the following hotels (subject to room availability).

Please note that participants are free to book their preferred accommodations apart from the recommended hotels and to make transport arrangements to SUSS independently. See below for more information on how to get to SUSS.

HotelHotel InformationHotel BookingHow to get to SUSS
Metropolitan YMCA

Located at No.60 Stevens Road, Singapore 257854.

Located at the fringe of the bustling Orchard Road, the service apartments are ideally suited for both family and business travellers, be it for short-term or long-term stays. We are also minutes away from Singapore's first UNESCO World Heritage Site - Botanic Gardens and a multitude of public transport options, like Stevens MRT Station which provides a direct connection to the airport. For more information, visit the website:

For booking, email:
Quote “AEE APRC 2023’’ to enjoy the offered rate.
  1. A ten-minute walk from the hotel to Stevens MRT Station (DT10). Take the Downtown MRT Line.
  2. Alight at King Albert Park MRT Station (DT6) and head to the bus stop outside exit A.
  3. Take Bus No 74, 151 or 154 from the same side and alight opposite SIM HQ.

The POD Boutique Capsule Hotel






Located at No. 289 Beach Road, Level 3, Singapore 199552.

Modern and minimalistic living designed hotel is located along the outskirts of the Singapore Central Business District, the heart of the financial centre, and bustling Haji Lane. A walking distance from the MRT Blue Downtown Line (DTL) which provides easy access between the hotel, event venue and downtown Singapore.  For more information, visit the website:



For booking, email: Quote "AEE Conference" to enjoy the offered rate.
  1. A six-minute walk from the hotel to Bugis MRT Station (DT14). Take the Downtown MRT line and alight at King Albert Park MRT Station (DT6).
  2. Head to the bus stop outside exit A.
  3. Take Bus No 74, 151 or 154 from the same side and alight opposite SIM HQ.
Travelodge Harbourfront Hotel 

Located at No. 50 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098828.

A couple of steps away from convenient public transport and within walking distance to Sentosa, Singapore’s premier island resort getaway and fast-growing integrated central business hub, Mapletree Business City.  For more information, visit the website:


Please send this completed hotel reservation form to Ms Nur Faizah ( for booking.

  1. Walk towards Harbourfront MRT Station/Vivocity and take the North East MRT Line to Little India (NE7).
  2. Alight at Little India and transfer to the Downtown MRT Line (DT12).
  3. Alight at King Albert Park MRT Station (DT6) and head to the bus stop outside exit A.
  4. Take Bus No 74, 151 or 154 from the same side and alight opposite SIM HQ.

Getting Here




About Association for Experiential Education (AEE)

The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) is a non-profit professional membership association dedicated to experiential education. The community comprises experiential educators, practitioners, inquirers, researchers and students with the shared goal of elevating the field of Experiential Education. It was officially incorporated in 1977 with roots back to 1972.

The association contributes to the experiential education community through organising regional and annual conferences, defining professional standards, providing accreditation to organizations, networking, professional development opportunities and through publications.

AEE Regions play a significant role in AEE by providing opportunities for members in a particular geographic region to learn and grow together. The regional council is made up of experiential educator leaders from countries such as Vietnam, China, India, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. The roles of the Regional Council include providing continuity and leadership for the Region; acting as the decision-making body for the Region; accepting both authority and responsibility for decisions, actions and activities and actively supporting AEE’s values, mission, vision and operational goals.

As part of its commitment and efforts to meet AEE’s goals, the AEE Asia Pacific Regional Council proposes to initiate its inaugural regional conference to be hosted in Singapore in 2023. Look out for the next ASEAN region Experiential Education Conference, to be revealed on the AEE website.

See here for more information on AEE.

Looking for things to do in Singapore?

Enabling Village
The Enabling Village is an all-accessible space that supports people with diverse abilities. It combines retail, lifestyle, and training, and features social businesses staffed by both able-bodied and disabled individuals. It provides career advice, training, and job placement for jobseekers with disabilities through partnerships with voluntary welfare organizations. The space is designed holistically with assistive technologies to facilitate participation by visitors with disabilities. It is staffed by people with diverse abilities, skills, and ideas. Visit the website for more information here.

City Gallery
The Singapore City Gallery features over 50 interactive exhibits that depict Singapore's evolution into a highly liveable city in Asia over the past 50 years. The gallery showcases the city's development story by presenting the planning challenges and innovative solutions employed to overcome them. Visit the website for more information here.

Marina Barrage
Marina Barrage was awarded the prestigious Green Mark Platinum Infrastructure Award in May 2009 for its sustainable design and operations. The facility integrates green principles throughout its design, construction, and operation to maximize energy and water efficiency while minimizing waste generation. Visit the website for more information here.

NEWater Visitor Centre
The NEWater Visitor Centre is an educational facility showcasing Singapore's water sustainability efforts, with interactive tours and workshops for all ages. It uses state-of-the-art technology and multimedia exhibits to explain the entire water treatment process and the importance of water conservation. The centre is an excellent place to learn about Singapore's water management practices and their contribution to sustainable development. Visit the website for more information here.

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Singapore's ethnic enclaves by exploring Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam. This activity is perfect for those seeking an authentic experience of the city's heritage. To explore other parts of the city, see here.

Singapore has been recognized as one of the world's greenest cities, with a thriving network of green spaces that integrate nature into urban living. Over six decades of greening efforts have contributed to a more liveable, sustainable, and climate-resilient city. The Singapore Green Plan 2030 aims to further advance these efforts and turn Singapore into a "City in Nature." To explore our city in nature, visit website here.

Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay is a 101-hectare park featuring three spaces, including the world's largest glass greenhouse and a mist-filled Cloud Forest. The Supertree Grove lights up at night with a Garden Rhapsody of light and sound, and Bay East Garden offers stunning sunset views. Visit the website for more details here.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
The Singapore Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a large park with a rich history spanning over 150 years. With thousands of plant varieties, including rare orchids and ancient trees, it's a great place to visit for nature lovers. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll, have a picnic, or explore educational zones and forest habitats. The gardens also offer recommendations on what to see, do, and eat. Visit their website here for more information. 

The wildlife parks in Mandai are committed to world-class animal care, conservation, and sustainability. They are partnering with the wider conservation community to promote biodiversity and animal welfare interests. Mandai is undergoing transformation into an integrated wildlife and nature precinct, featuring new parks, an eco-friendly resort, a nature-themed attraction, and green public spaces. The precinct is designed to provide a conducive habitat for native wildlife and to offer memorable experiences that connect people with nature. Visit the website for more details here.

National Museum of Singapore
The National Museum of Singapore, established in 1887, showcases Singapore's history and development using advanced technology and creative storytelling. It hosts various events and activities, including the Night Festival and art installations, and has a resource centre with a large collection of publications on cultural studies, design, and Singapore's history. Visit the website for more details here.

Van Gogh Exhibition
The Van Gogh Exhibition in Singapore offers an immersive experience of the artist's works with advanced technology. Visitors can walk through scenes from his paintings and take a virtual reality tour of the places that inspired him. It's a must-see for art lovers who want to experience something unique and innovative. Visit the website for more information here.

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