SUSS Dialogue Session: BEng Electronics

The BEng Electronics programme provides technical depth and breadth to prepare graduates for a rewarding career in the electronics industry. It is structured to develop and train students with an in-depth knowledge of electronics, telecommunications and IT.

Students have a choice for specialisation in areas such as data science, VLSI design, analogue and digital control system design, telecommunication system design and multimedia systems.

Those who complete selected elective courses will also receive a Certification in Data Science at the time of their graduation.

This programme is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB), The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES). Through this accreditation, the BEng Electronics degree is recognised in Singapore and other countries in the Washington Accord.

Students in this programme are eligible to register for student membership with The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES). For more information, please visit

Meet the Head of Programme at the live dialogue session to find out more and have your questions answered. Register now!

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