SUSS and SFC jointly develop programmes to support the growth of Singapore’s aviation hub

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  • SUSS Master of Management programme will include modules customised for Singapore Airlines (SIA) pilots, and will progressively be open to all SIA Group employees.
  • Minor in Aviation Management is the first in Singapore available for full-time and part-time undergraduates, and the only programme that offers unmanned aircraft theory and practical operations.

Singapore, March 14, 2023– Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Singapore Flying College (SFC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines (SIA), launched two aviation-related programmes today. The co-developed programmes are (a) Master of Management, and (b) Minor in Aviation Management. The launch was witnessed by the Minister for Education, Mr Chan Chun Sing.

These programmes will equip Singapore with a pool of skilled professionals with knowledge and skills sought by employers in the aviation industry globally. Singapore’s air transport market is projected to grow by 126% in the next 20 years[1]. The aviation industry is a key pillar of Singapore’s economy, contributing to about 5% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and about 200,000 jobs[2]. In addition to anchoring major aerospace companies in Singapore, the aviation industry is also an enabler of other economic sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, and logistics. Globally, the aviation sector will require approximately two million skilled professionals by 2030 (ICAO)3.

The new programmes will enable students to attain in-depth knowledge and recognised qualifications, which are in demand and relevant in today’s aviation environment while also developing attributes (Figure 1) and skills sought after by aviation employers (Figure 2). This not only enhances their employability in the aviation sector, but also benefits the aviation-related entities that employ these graduates.

Fig 1 SUSS x SIA

Figure 1: Desired attributes for air transport from

Fig 2 SUSS x SIA

Figure 2: Skills in demand for air transport from

SUSS President Professor Tan Tai Yong said, “These co-developed programmes are timely and demonstrate SUSS’s strong connection and sensitivity to the aviation industry and its needs. With support from our experienced faculty members and SIA, these curricula will provide continuous and industry-relevant education for students aspiring to upskill or enter the aviation sector.”

Captain Quay Chew Eng, Chairman, Singapore Flying College, said, “SIA and SFC have always been strong supporters of continuous and collaborative learning. These programmes, which have been jointly developed with SUSS, demonstrate the SIA Group’s commitment to build a dynamic and resilient workforce. They will also support Singapore’s growth as an aviation hub, equipping learners with the skills and expertise for the future opportunities and challenges in the airline industry.”


  1. Master of Management

    The SUSS' Master of Management programme offers an immersive learning experience where learners can learn global best practices and apply practical solutions to business and management challenges at their workplace.

    This customised Master of Management programme tailors to the needs of SIA pilots, with plans to open up to other SIA Group employees in the future.

    The Master of Management programme offered to SIA has a more focused syllabus that is curated to be in line with SIA pilots’ corporate learning needs, and the delivery of the respective courses/modules in the programme is contextualised to the aviation industry and, where relevant, senior SIA staff will co-teach with SUSS faculty for selected courses/modules. Selected courses/modules are designed for asynchronous delivery to be taken by SIA pilots based overseas. This arrangement helps to plug a gap in the practical skills and leadership components[1], which are currently not offered by other local aviation-type programmes. It also supports SIA’s commitment to upskill their pilots.

  2. Minor in Aviation Management

This Minor in Aviation Management is the first in Singapore that targets full-time and part-time undergraduates, and the only programme that offers unmanned aircraft theory and practical operations.

Jointly developed by SUSS and SFC, it aims to be a first mover in the development of Singapore’s future aviation professionals being able to manage and operate in an environment where manned and unmanned aircraft will soon co-exist. SUSS graduates with a Minor in Aviation Management will have multidisciplinary skills in aviation, as well as their major fields of study. This not only enhances their employability in the aviation sector, but also benefits the aviation-related entities that employ these graduates.

This Minor will also cover topics on supply and demand in the aviation supply chain, airport operations, airline business models, modelling applications, aviation performance measures, the impact of major business disruptions and the future of the aviation industry, as well as safety, security, and environmental considerations.

The courses in the proposed Minor have been designed to map to the skills framework for air transport (Figure 3).

Fig 3 SUSS x SIA

Figure 3: Skills framework for air transport

Students who complete this Minor programme will be able to analyse and understand the current and future developments in the aviation industry, utilise innovative solutions and digital technologies to enhance operations, as well as relate to business partners along the aviation value chain.

This Minor will be made available from the July 2023 semester, and will be offered to any programme with a Minor option.  Graduates will be accorded a Minor in Aviation Management in addition to their major degree.

[1] International Air Transport Association. (n.d.). The Importance of Air Transport to Singapore. Available at: [Date of access: 20 September 2022] 



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