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70 SUSS student-athletes embarked on a four-day overseas training camp in preparation for SUniG 2023

In preparation for the upcoming Singapore University Games (SUniG) 2023, a total of 70 SUSS student-athletes from across three competition groups (CG) – Floorball, Football, and Ultimate Frisbee, embarked on a four-day overseas training camp over July and August. Supported by the Office of Student Life, the Sports Excellence Overseas Programme (SEOP) underscores the university’s commitment to elevating its sports programme by providing student-athletes with a platform to hone their skills and evolve as players in their respective domains.

For some team members, this marked their first foray into playing competitively abroad and it was heartening to see students embracing the challenges of playing on foreign turf as opportunities for growth. They utilised this intensive training period to work on their team tactics and techniques as well as to strengthen their team camaraderie ahead of the competition season.

Each match, regardless of its outcome, served as a valuable learning experience for the student-athletes to identify areas of improvement, be exposed to diverse playing styles and become more proficient at adapting their game strategy to the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents.

The SUSS Floorball Men CG and Ultimate Frisbee CG, accompanied by their coaches, headed up north to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on separate occasions. They engaged in spirited friendlies with the Malaysian teams and local clubs. Meanwhile, the SUSS Football Men CG journeyed to Surabaya, Indonesia at the invitation of Universitas Ciputra, to connect with Indonesian students through sports.

Photo #1

SUSS Football Men with local students at the Singapore National Academy in Surabaya

Nirmalan Sanjayan, a Year 2 student from SUSS' Full-time Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics degree programme and member of the Football Men CG said, "Playing back-to-back matches over three consecutive days strengthened the team's cohesion. Even though we faced a loss in our match against Universitas Surabaya, it taught us the importance of being tactically flexible. The lessons gained from this experience will serve to guide us on the steps we need to take for the team's continued progress."

Photo #2

A quick team huddle with the SUSS Football Men right before their friendly match

Appreciative of the opportunity for friendlies with the Malaysian team and intense training which helped develop mental toughness, Elson Kee, Ultimate Frisbee CG Captain and penultimate student from SUSS' Full-time Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree programme, remarked, "Our interactions with local teams provided a profound insight into the values of sportsmanship and mutual respect. The connections and friendships fostered within the Ultimate Frisbee community allowed us to gain valuable insights, and reinforced the notion that there's more to sports than just winning.”

Photo #3
SUSS Ultimate Frisbee team after their match with host team, Soar High

Coach Syazni, who led the Floorball Men’s team, expressed great pride in the team’s progress and development during the SEOP journey, “The exposure to international-level floorball has been instrumental in shaping their gameplay and strategies. Competing against the Malaysian floorball teams has motivated them to refine their game and hone their abilities to become better players. Coupled with the tighter team bond, I am optimistic that the team is well-prepared to face the challenges at SUniG & IVP (Inter-Varsity Pol-ITE Games)."

Photo #4

SUSS Floorball Men's team photo at the training venue, Arena Sukan Kuala Lumpur

With their spirits lifted and skills sharpened from the brief overseas training stint, we hope the teams remain steadfast and resolute in their pursuit of excellence. Let us cheer on all our student-athletes donning the university colours on the field/court/track this SUniG season!

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