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Startup Story: Making Education More Accessible In Developing Markets


Edwin Ho and Deevak Premdas in Business China 2019

With a desire to make an impact in the world, SUSS Bachelor of Science in Finance with Minor students, Edwin Ho Yuan Yi, and Deevak s/o Premdas, founded Edsy Bitsy, an edtech startup whose mission is to make learning more accessible for every child, regardless of their background. The startup’s digital learning approach enables schools to scale their distribution of learning materials.

As students cope with the demands of learning during the pandemic, the founders realised that teachers around the world were also struggling to get their students to be sufficiently engaged. Their product, Bitsy, allows users to generate bite-size quizzes that can be accessed via web browsers in areas with poor connectivity.


Bitsy Prototype

As part of their marketing plan, the founders contacted key stakeholders in private schools. Learning that Africans value personalisation and a face behind a virtual message, they sent video pitches customised to each customer. Subsequently, they experimented with different concepts and targeted different markets. After several months of hard work, they are currently piloting their product with three schools in South Africa, and even secured a paying customer.

To sharpen their entrepreneurial skills, the founders participated in various programmes in SUSS such as the SUSS Impact Startup Challenge. Since entering the Alibaba Cloud – SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme, they have received resources and mentorship, and successfully received the StartupSG Founders’ Grant from Enterprise Singapore, marking an important milestone in their journey.

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