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SUSS Spirit Award 2023: Hearts in Service

This year’s Spirit Award honours those who embody the essence of people-oriented and pro-social values. The awardees have demonstrated excellence across three categories:

(a) character strength

(b) willingness to help others

(c) social change leadership

Above all, their endeavours have been recognised by their peers, faculty, staff, and community partners for the positive influence they had on the community.  

Proudly presenting our awardees for the SUSS Spirit Award 2023: 

Cheong Wei Ting

Cheong Wei Ting, an Early Childhood Education student, shows strong determination in supporting people with diverse abilities. She actively engages in community initiatives that reflect her compassion and desire for meaningful impact, such as The More We Get Together (TMWGT) project which fosters social interaction among the elderly. As a passionate advocate for mental health support, she also actively contributes to Huddleverse and Mind in the Mountains. 

Khor Chen Yang

Khor Chen Yang, a Finance student, shines as an impactful leader. His project, The Grit Concourse (TGC), showcases his commitment to positive change. With TGC, he has built a strong mentorship network, guiding over 50 SUSS students to successful careers. He is also the Co-Founder of RoadMaple, a startup democratising career advice and guiding self-learning, that has benefited over 200 mentees and reached 10,000 learners globally.

Lu Hao Wei

Lu Hao Wei, a Business Analytics student, demonstrates exceptional social change leadership. Her initiative, Project 21, supports Down Syndrome Association (DSA) members through lifelong learning and social integration. Additionally, with SUSS OWLs (Our Well-Being Listeners), she promotes student wellness through meaningful initiatives and resource sharing. Through proactive community engagement and strategic planning, she ensures a lasting positive impact.

Meira Ayuni Binte Harris Rizal

Meira Ayuni Binte Harris Rizal, a Marketing student, has made a strong impact through her unwavering resilience and determination. Beyond her quiet nature, she boldly tackles challenges, inspiring positive changes in the community. From tutoring less privileged children to leading the ODA Interest Group, her accomplishments are remarkable. Notably, she organised the first overseas trek to Malaysia and directed the Children's Cancer Foundation project, showcasing her dedication to inclusive leadership.

Nazneen Asfur

Naazneen Ashfur, a Public Safety and Security (PSS) student, stands out for her remarkable character. As the PSS Interest Group’s President, her empathy and kindness shine through in her leadership. She extends her impact through her contribution to SUSS OWLs (Our Well-being Listeners), a student-led group advocating well-being and mental health. Beyond SUSS, she also volunteers at community events, including as a Volunteer Leader at Heartware River Hongbao 2022, supporting Heartware Network and their Youthbank initiative.

Ng Ngah Hiong

Ng Ngah Hiong, a Master of Digital Marketing student, is dedicated to lifelong learning and community improvement. Driven by his caring nature, he volunteered with the Hougang Constituency Committee, enhancing the welfare of the residents. In 2022, he extended his service to Life Community Service Society, where he utilised his digital marketing skills to support children from vulnerable family backgrounds.

Zaher Bin Wahab

Zaher Bin Wahab, a third-year Law student, embodies selflessness, resilience, and dedication. At 40, he defied age norms by leading the Asian Law Students' Association (Singapore Chapter) ("ALSA SG"), where he collaborated with student leaders from NUS, SMU, and TP to provide cohesive activities for law students. At SUSS, he also contributes to the Student Affairs and Support Committee, advocating for student concerns. As a stronger believer in giving back, Zaher also coached the first-year SUSS team to the SCCA Legal Eagle Challenge 2023 finals.

Congratulations to our seven SUSS Spirit Award 2023 awardees for the remarkable impact you have on society! 

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