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SUSS SGUnited Skills Programme Boosts Employability

SG United Skills Programme

In August 2020, SUSS launched its SGUnited Skills Programme – a six-month full-time training programme which comprises modular and bite-sized courses that are designed in partnership with the industry to help trainees acquire industry-relevant skills that can boost their employability. Trainees will also have the chance to apply the skills learnt during the programme, through opportunities such as work attachments, service learning or project work.

This programme, which is open to Singapore citizens or permanent residents who are 21 years and above, not only benefit displaced individuals, but also enables employers to support the national initiative in providing industry-relevant skills and knowledge to such individuals. The programme's first course run, in healthcare management, in October 2020 saw 25 participants signing up.

Mr Heng Aik Guan, trainee, SUSS SGUnited Skills Programme in healthcare management, said: "This opportunity provides ground operation insight of the care home through the service learning component of the programme. The challenges in uncharted territory were manifold yet fulfilling and rewarding at the same time. This six-month enabling process began with preparing ourselves with mindfulness and progressing towards being part of the comrades in the healthcare arena."

"The programme and service learning provided me with a good reality check on what is happening on the ground. I learnt the momentum of the healthcare landscape, where there are lots of SOP and things are changing all the time. I believe the course is a good start and exposure for career switchers who are interested to go into the healthcare sector. It provides one with a good start and the actual experience, before going deep into more clinical or a specific ground within the field," added Ms Teo, trainee, SUSS SGUnited Skills Programme in healthcare management.

Dr Brian Heng, Director, Centre for Continuing and Professional Education, SUSS, said: "The Covid-19 situation has been challenging to some Singaporeans, with some jobs diminishing in traditional sectors, while new job roles are created in emerging and growing industries. This provides immense opportunities for upskilling and reskilling. SUSS is proud to support our workforce through national schemes like the SGUnited Skills Programme, and looks forward to rolling out further opportunities in this programme, as well as in our upcoming Train-and-Place programme."

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