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Alumnus Donates S$50,000 To SUSS

Ang Yew Shen donation

(From right) Alumnus Mr Ang Yew Shen presenting a mock cheque of S$50,000 to Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President of SUSS.

Mr Ang Yew Shen, an SUSS Marketing Degree graduate from the Class of 2016, donated S$50,000 to the University. This is the largest donation made by an alumnus since the University was established in 2005.

This donation will go towards the Ang Yew Shen Study Award, which offers an annual S$3,000 to the most improved final-year full-time SUSS School of Business undergraduate. Potential recipients will be shortlisted before the start of the final academic year and the student with the most improved cumulative grade point average will be given the award at the end of their final year.

The donation will be matched by a Ministry of Education grant of S$75,000, and a part of it will be invested so the fund for students can run perpetually.

Mr Ang, who works in the financial industry as a director of sales, had studied part-time at the School of Business in SUSS. Topping his class in 2013, he was a student orientation ambassador in the 2016 orientation sessions to help new students assimilate into SUSS. Mr Ang was also the graduate speaker at the 2016 Convocation and a recipient of the McGraw-Hill Education (Asia) Silver Award and the CAS Book Prize Award.

Mr Ang and SUSS, represented by our President, Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, signed a gift agreement on 28 January 2022 to mark the launch of the study award.  

Ang Yew Shen donation

(From right) Mr Ang Yew Shen and Professor Cheong Hee Kiat exchanging the signed gift agreement.

Professor Cheong said: “SUSS is thankful to Yew Shen for his generous donation. Our students will be encouraged that those who have gone before them have benefitted from their studies at SUSS and are coming back to support others financially on that same journey. We hope more alumni will follow in Yew Shen’s footsteps.”

Mr Ang said: “I am grateful that I made a choice back then to study in SUSS. I am grateful to my lecturers, who made learning fun, easy to comprehend, and how they provided a unique point of view from their industry experience. I appreciate how the curriculum was designed to challenge the students. I often tell people that my four years of part-time studies in SUSS was an important journey that contributed to my success today.”

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