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Championing Gender Equality And Women Empowerment Within The Community

Laurene Chung with President Halimah Yacob

SUSS student, Ms Laurene Chung, receiving her award from Singapore President Halimah Yacob.

Ms Laurene Chung, an SUSS Public Safety and Security (PSS) student from the pioneer batch, was given a special mention at the SNOW x Gender Equality Impact Awards (GEIA) held earlier this year.

Organised by United Women Singapore (UWS), the SNOW event themed ‘Beacons of Light’ showcases women as shining beacons of empowerment and guiding light for future generations. Held in conjunction with UWS Gender Equality Impact Awards, this award recognises organisations, men, women and youth in Singapore who champion initiatives to advance gender equality and empower women in the workplace or community. Ms Chung was bestowed with a special mention for her contributions to champion gender equality and women empowerment within the community.

Laurene Chung with award

Ms Chung with her award at the Gender Equality Impact Award ceremony.

Inspired by her experience of being bullied in secondary school from the age of 12 to 14 years old, Ms Chung founded Allauring – a charitable platform with a social cause that seeks to empower individuals who have experienced social discrimination and bullying to come forth and share their stories. These compelling stories are integrated into hand-crafted jewellery designs with the proceeds donated to causes supporting youths-at-risk, victims of bullying and those in need. Allauring donated S$859.50 to local organisations to help those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic such as the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics and the SUSS Student Care Fund.

With her passion and interest in being hands-on with the community, she also founded the PSS Interest Group in 2020. As President, she aims to meet the needs of PSS students and innovate ways to enrich their student life. She took the initiative to form a group with like-minded individuals to establish Project ReKnew – A Community Engagement Project (CEP) that connects voices, by building respectful relationships. In partnership with Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS), Project ReKnew aims to encourage open conversations regarding the harmfulness of sexual misconduct, one of the government’s concerns and priorities under gender equality, where females are targets of sexual harassment and even gender-based violence.

Playing an active role in the PSS Interest Group, Project ReKnew, and a member of Our Well-being Listeners, Ms Chung provides peer support to students and cares for their well-being through specially-tailored programmes. She influences and inspires the SUSS community, friends and loved ones by raising awareness on the topic of sexual misconduct and fosters a stronger culture of respectful relationships between genders, in hopes of striving towards a more inclusive, harmonious, and peace-loving nation together.

Ms Chung’s vision is to create a permanent and sustainable arm within SUSS where topics on sexual misconduct are addressed and serves as a platform to educate staff and students on the importance of respectful relationships which bridges gender equality in the University community.

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