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Partners Newsletter | Issue 5 | Oct 2022

Building A Strong Support System

Editor's Note

Humans need other humans to live and to thrive. It is human nature to be social. Strong social interaction and strong social support positively influence us; we have higher levels of well-being, better coping skills, improved self-esteem, and are healthier – mentally and physically.

A strong support system is even more critical in trying times. Take for example, the Covid-19 pandemic which has had a major effect on lives, with many facing challenges that are stressful and overwhelming. Having people you can lean on and rely on when needed helps to reduce anxiety, depression and stress, and increase positive mood.

A supportive leadership is important and valuable for organisations. Not only does it ensure the well-being of their employees and foster positive relationships between employees, it also looks into their professional development and personal growth. It cultivates an environment in which employees feel valued, cared for and respected, and in return, see the employees even more encouraged and motivated to contribute. This helps develop a productive and loyal team that can deliver a high standard of performance and produce effective results for organisation growth.

Organisations cannot run on their own without support. Corporate support functions maximise and deliver value at the business unit and enterprise levels for an effective and efficient organisation. Its value creation cascades from the organisation’s strategy and is aligned to a common vision.

It takes time and effort to build a strong support system, but doing so upfront will ease and help meet one’s needs, critical especially in times of crises, and contribute to happiness, growth and success.

Martin Yuoon
Director, External Relations
Singapore University of Social Sciences


Get the perspectives on, analysis by and insights into current topics by our stakeholders.

Dr Winston Ong

Corporate functions play a key role in supporting strategy and growth in organisations. They add value in a new strategic era by providing fresh insights and leadership on critical topics; and by putting the customer and employee first, prioritising their experiences and expectations. Find out more from Dr Winston Ong about the corporate functions in SUSS.

Power Of Purpose: A New Wave Of Startups And Collaborations

Impact-driven startups and collaborations have been on a rise. Yet not many people understand the true purpose of these companies.

In Action

Find out the outcomes of our strong reciprocal collaborations with local and international partners.

Temasek Foundation 1 (540 x 360)

Open for applications from non-profit organisations to develop e-learning courses.

In The Spotlight

Discover our stakeholders who were inspired to rise to the challenge, excel in their respective fields and effect social impact.

ASEAN University Games and Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championship

Medal haul at the ASEAN University Games and Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championship.

SCCA Legal Eagle Challenge 2022

Triumph in Singapore’s first in-house counsel competition.

National Round Of International Negotiation Competition 2022

First time all three law schools in Singapore compete to be crowned national champions.

The VIII 2TG-RMLNLU International Mediation Competition

SUSS Law students made their mark yet again.

Laurene Chung

SUSS student recognised for her contributions by United Women Singapore.

Dr Sheila Conejos

First Filipino faculty to be presented with this honour in recognition of academic work and professional and research contributions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hand In Hand

Learn about the strategic partnerships which put SUSS at the forefront of an increasingly diverse and enriching global education space.


More learning possibilities for JBNU and SUSS students.


GFI, MAS and SUSS to co-build Small and Medium Enterprise Financial Empowerment Programme.

TT Skill, TLA and SUSS

TT Skill, TLA and SUSS partner to offer courses to industry practitioners.

Workato and SUSS

Workato and SUSS partner on Data Integration for Enterprise Automation module.

raiSE and SUSS

raiSE and SUSS partnership improves visibility of social entrepreneurship.

Nutrious Farms and SUSS

Nutrious Farms and SUSS collaborate for a sustainable involvement in agriculture.

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