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SUSS Students Excel At National Round Of International Negotiation Competition 2022

National Round Of International Negotiation Competition 2022


SUSS Law students competed recently at the National Round of the International Negotiation Competition (INC) 2022 against the law schools of National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University, where they held their own against them.

INC is the oldest and most renowned competition focusing on international legal negotiation for law students from all over the world. The competition sees a team representing a client negotiate either an international transaction or the resolution of an international dispute with an opposing team. This was the first time in Singapore’s history that the three law schools competed for the right to be crowned national champions and representatives to compete in the international rounds in the United States later this year.

After a gruelling and intense three-way negotiation round, the SUSS Law team comprising students, Mr Toh Yong Chuan, Mr Yeo Yong Chuan, Ms Martin Grace Aveline and Ms Nur Dina Dianah binte Razali, did SUSS proud and obtained a second-place finish.

SUSS Law team

The SUSS Law team in action.

Reflecting on their experience, the team shared: “The INC journey was fruitful and meaningful. Participating and training for the competition raised our personal awareness of what makes an effective negotiator. From this competition, we learnt that it is important to be adaptable and flexible to showcase to the judges what they are looking for, even if it means that we need to unlearn and relearn certain skills. The ability to read the field and act accordingly is a critical skill both in and outside of competition settings. The skills we gained are invaluable and enhanced our communication skills, serving as an advantage as we enter practice. This experience is an invaluable extension of the law school's legal education and it carries lessons not covered in textbooks and law cases, and we are grateful to our dedicated coaches, SUSS Law lecturers, Associate Professor Alvin Cheng and Mr Melvin Loh, for their invaluable guidance.”


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