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Singapore University of Social Sciences

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Nanyang Confucian Association

The Nanyang Confucian Association (NCA) was founded in 1914 to disseminate the Confucian ideology and promote Chinese culture. It aims to further the development of cultural enterprise by strengthening the relationship with the various social groups, cultural associations and Confucian organisations worldwide. NCA established the Kongzi Culture Fund Ltd, with the objective of espousing traditional Chinese culture, especially Confucian thought.

On 29 July 2015, SUSS signed an MOU with NCA to provide scholarships, sponsored by the Kongzi Culture Fund Ltd, to deserving students in SUSS’ Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature degree. Sixteen students who attain excellent results in Chinese Philosophy (Confucianism) and Literature will benefit from this four-year scheme, with four students receiving the scholarships per academic year.

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