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BSc Facilities Management

Bachelor's Degree Programme

A partnership programme between SUSS, SP and BCA Academy, providing a rigorous and relevant profession-centric education for a successful facilities management career.

BSc Facilities Management


The Facilities Management (FM) programme is a partnership between the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Singapore Polytechnic (SP), and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Academy.

In line with the recently launched Construction Industry Transformation Map and Real Estate Industry Transformation Map (ITMs), the Facilities Management programme aims to prepare future-ready graduates that demonstrate knowledge and skills that go beyond traditional facility management and be able to adapt to global trends and new technologies to ensure a well-managed and sustainable built environment.

Students may pursue Facilities Management as a single major or in combination with a minor. The recommended minors are: Accountancy, Analytics, Business, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Events Management, Financial Technology, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Management, Marketing, Organisation Management, Procurement Management, and Supply Chain Management.

Our Edge

  • Offering greater learning and career flexibility where students can pair their FM major with any minor programmes offered by the university
  • A faculty of academics with relevant industry experience and senior industry practitioners as instructors
  • Accreditation from the International Facility Management Association and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Graduate with professional certificates such as Fire Safety Management (FSM) and Green Mark Accredited Professional (GMAP).

Admission Requirements

Refer to general admission criteria for undergraduate programmes.

Applicants with relevant diploma from BCA Academy may be considered for admission.

Shortlisted applicants are required to undergo an interview and/or take written admission or other evaluation tests as may be prescribed by SUSS from time to time.

Financial Assistance

There are also various types of financial aid available to students who need financial assistance. Please click here for more details.

Programme Structure

To graduate with a basic degree, students are required to complete 130 credit units (cu), which include:

The BSc Facilities Management curriculum is structured such that it covers the 11 core competencies identified by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), namely:

  • communications
  • quality
  • technology
  • operations and maintenance
  • human factors
  • finance and business
  • emergency planning and business continuity
  • leadership and strategy
  • real estate and property management
  • project management
  • environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The curriculum is structured such that:

  • Level 1 courses cover the foundational skills related to facilities management.
  • Level 2 courses consist of the core facilities management courses.
  • Level 3 courses focus on the advanced facilities management courses, and supported by programme-specific elective courses.

This programme is for aspiring facilities managers or asset and property managers, or those keen to pursue a career in the built environment sector.

Graduates with a degree in facilities management will be well equipped to pursue successful careers in Asset, Property & Facilities Management.

  1. How do I apply for the Facilities Management (FM) programme?
    You can refer to this link and follow the steps.

  2. What is the admission criteria for the FM programme?
    You can refer to this link for the most updated information.

  3. I'm really interested in the FM programme but I don't meet the admission criteria.
    Applicants without the SAT or ACT score may be given a provisional offer to take courses under the SUSS Continuing Education and Training scheme on a case-by-case basis. They may then progress to the undergraduate programme if conditions of the provisional offer are met. Scores must be obtained within the last 5 years up to the programme application year for consideration.

  4. Is an interview required for admission?
    An interview will be conducted at the last stage of admission, on a case to case basis. This is to ensure that you passed the admission requirements. The interview is more of knowing your motivation or statement of purpose about the programme and you may be asked to provide feedback in a recent article related to FM.

  5. SCDF FSM officer-in-charge has directed me to earn my FSM-CPD points through courses/seminars organised by ATIs such as yours. Can I have more details of such courses?
    There are currently 2 courses (under SST) awarded with FSM-CPD points:
    • HFS371 Risk Assessment & Management (5 FSM-CPD Points)
    • HFSY217 Emergency Preparedness & Response Planning (10 FSM-CPD Points)

  6. I took similar courses in my previous degree programme, can I get any credit recognition?
    SUSS has a list of university degrees to grant credit recognition for your previous study. You can try to request for credit recognition when you got accepted to the programme and about to enrol for courses.

  7. What if I have a Fire Safety Manager certificate, how do I get credit recognition?
    Student can submit a credit recognition request form to Student Records (SR) and provide supporting documents, as well as comply with the additional requirement by the school.
    However, this will not be applicable from Jan 25 semester.

  8. How long will the programme take?
    This depends on how many courses you take per semester. The FMT-MAJ programme will typically take about 3 to 4 years to complete, it can be extended up to 8 years.

  9. How many courses should I read in a semester and when are they usually conducted?
    A maximum of 4 courses (typically 5 cu each) per semester. Classes will be on weekdays at 7pm to 10 pm; and some time on a Saturday on a case to case basis. This means two courses in a week.

  10. How much is the tuition fees?
    You can refer to this link for the most updated information.

  11. What are the different financial aid available for students?
    You can refer to this link for the most updated information.

  12. I have more questions regarding admission.
    You can contact Student Recruitment Office at
  13. What are the SUSS Core courses for FMT students?
    The recommended 4 Core Courses comprising 20cu are:
    NCO101 - Living with Community
    NCO201 - Learn to Learn, Learn for Life
    NCO205 - User Centred Design: Human Factors and Design Thinking
    SST101 - Principles of Project Management
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